Mashed Potato Soup with Cheese

Mashed Potato Soup with Cheese


  1. Potato 400 grams
  2. Salt to taste
  3. Pepper to taste
  4. Parsley to taste
  5. Carrot 1 piece
  6. Leek (white part) 1 piece
  7. Broth or diluted bouillon cube 1.5 liters
  8. Parsley to taste
  9. Processed cheese 1 pack
  • Main Ingredients: Potato, Onion, Cheese
  • Serving 2 servings


Blender, pan, spoon.


Step 1: boil the potatoes.

Peel the potatoes, cut them into medium-sized cubes and rinse well.

Rinse the potatoes with cold water several times.

Pour the broth into the pan, put the same potatoes, carrots, leeks, salt, bay leaf and pepper. Put on medium heat and cook until soft vegetables.

Step 2: beat the soup with a blender.

When the potatoes and carrots are cooked, remove the bay leaves and peppercorns from the broth, and then whip the soup with an immersion blender to a creamy consistency.

Step 3: add cheese.

Add melted cheese and whisk again with a blender. Try the soup: is there enough salt. Add salt, if necessary, and serve.

Step 4: serve the mashed potato soup with cheese.

Pour the mashed soup into portions and serve hot, decorating each plate with finely chopped greens. You can add croutons, crackers or sprinkle with parmesan.
Enjoy your meal!