3 Ways to Cook Salmon Quickly

3 Ways to Cook Salmon Quickly

Get a healthy dinner on the table quickly with these three techniques

Pan-searing salmon will give it a nice crust.

Salmon is a delicious and healthy choice for dinner. Best of all, there are several ways to cook salmon quickly and with little fuss.

One of the easiest ways to cook salmon quickly is to rub it with a mixture of herbs and spices and grill it. A six-ounce portion of salmon will take less than 10 minutes on a hot grill. If you don’t have an outdoor grill, try using an indoor grill or grill pan.

Baking salmon takes longer than grilling it but can still get this fish on the table in under 30 minutes. Just brush salmon with butter, white wine, and lemon juice, then sprinkle it with herbs and seasonings before baking it in the oven.

Searing salmon is quicker than baking it and it adds a crisp, golden crust to the fish. Try searing the salmon in a hot pan with olive oil and seasonings and you’ll have dinner in about 20 minutes.

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3 Ways to Cook Salmon for Dinner [Video]

This skillet comes preseasoned, so you can start using it right away. And its natural, nonstick surface gets better the more you use it.

This pan combines the strength and durability of steel with the superior heat conduction of aluminum. Plus, the coating prevents food from sticking.

Our family-sized air fryer quickly cooks up to six servings, a whole chicken or roast, or appetizers for a crowd. No preheating is needed, saving you precious time.

With a frozen pie crust, a tin of salmon, some milk, eggs, and a few other basic pantry ingredients, you can whip up a delicious, bistro-style salmon quiche to comfortably feed a family of 6. To make it ahead, freeze the cooked quiche whole, for heating and enjoying later.

Best Ways to Cook Salmon Without Skin

The best ways to cook salmon are not hard to discern once you get used to it. What might be best in some person’s opinion might be terrible in yours. So how do you know what is best for you? Here are a few suggestions.

Best ways to cook salmon – and every other fish as well – boil down to your own personal style. And, in all honesty, taste is usually secondary to personal preference. I know some people who like their fish cooked on a hot griddle straight out of the oven, but I am not one of them. For me, fresh is always best. So if had to pick only one way to cook salmon, would certainly say oven baked salmon is the best way to prepare it in my book.

For those of us who love to grill steaks, there are several ways to do it at home. Perhaps the best ways to cook salmon with this method is to use a grill pan as opposed to directly above the heat source. We have all seen those big stainless steel grills that hang from a hook outside with hooks on the top to allow it to hang for easy access to the hot grill. They also allow the food to sear nicely, adding a delicious flavor to the meat. If you have never tried this method, give it a try the next time you are outdoors and have some fresh fish on hand.

Of course, there are many other ways of doing it. And some of our absolute favorite are listed below. As far as salmon fillets go, the best salmon recipes I have seen use ingredients such as lemon and olive oil to create a light batter, then whisk in flour, chia seeds, salt and pepper to make the texture perfect. This makes a delicious and healthy breakfast or brunch that your family will love.

Another terrific recipe uses smoked salmon in a delicious basting sauce with lemon, Rosemary, and apple cider vinegar. To make this recipe, simply prepare the basting sauce according to the package directions, and wrap the fillet in foil before baking. When the foil is turned, it seals in the flavors and the scent of the smoked salmon. This makes a fantastic baked salmon that will have your taste buds perking up.

The best method for cooking salmon is by steaming, broiling or grilling. Depending on which one you prefer, the directions may vary slightly. To prepare the salmon, remove the gills and tail but leave the skin intact. Using a thermometer to check for internal temperature is important to make sure that the fish is done to your satisfaction. It is best to check it after 45 minutes to get a true reading of how the fish is done.

A great meal, a salad, and best served when cold, is a Baked Salmon Meal. For this recipe, start with one can of fish fillet and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Rub the skin of the fish with olive oil and season with salt and pepper to your taste. Place it in the oven and let it cook until it is done. When it is done, serve with potato salad and a fresh roll or target to topped off with a fresh slice of cheese.

Cooked salmon without skin is also an excellent way to prepare the fish. When it is done, it can be served with scrambled eggs, sunny side up rice, or rolled up in a tortilla. Another great way to make this dish is to serve it with cheddar cheese and crackers. You will find that this is a mouthwatering dish that everyone will thoroughly enjoy.

16 Healthy Salmon Recipes That Are Beyond Tasty

Make good on that vow to eat better with these back-pocket simple and healthy salmon recipes. There&rsquos no doubt that this superfood deserves a place in your regular weeknight rotation. It&rsquos got heaps of omega-3s, is rich in collagen and less anxious.

&ldquoSalmon's too hard to cook at home,&rdquo you say? We beg to differ: It can be ready in under 15 minutes, it adapts easily to different spices, sauces, and cooking methods, and is downright delicious. Concerned about the fishy smell? It fades, but, full disclosure: We&rsquove turned to our cleaning experts for help when the smell lingers.

As you&rsquore shopping for salmon for your dinner, the difference between farmed vs wild salmon is definitely worth thinking about, from an environmental standpoint as well as a culinary one &mdash wild salmon cooks much more quickly than farmed. If you opt for wild salmon in any recipe that doesn't specifically call for it, check on it at least 5 minutes early.

Hooked and fishing for more? We've got other great ideas for cooking salmon here!

Baked Salmon In Foil

This healthy baked salmon is the best way to feed a crowd. There's no skillet cooking at all&mdasheverything is oven-baked in foil, making prep and cleanup a breeze. We believe it might just be the best baked salmon recipe. ever.

How much salmon should I buy?

Although it looks massive, you&rsquore still buying a fillet you won't be slicing it yourself, but you may have to ask the fishmonger to do it. If you think people will be hungry, aim for about ½ pound per person, keeping in mind that salmon can be surprisingly filling. Also remember that how big the meat is will affect the baking time. For a 3-pound fillet, it'll take around 25 minutes.

What's the best type of salmon to buy?

Our advice is to get the highest quality that you can afford. We encourage you to refer to the Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch for best practices when it comes to buying salmon.

Why the bed of lemons?

For this recipe, we created a bed of lemon slices to infuse the fish with a citrusy freshness. The only downside is that the skin won't get super-crispy. If seared skin is top priority for you, we recommend something along the lines of this skillet glazed lemon salmon instead.

Do I need to precook the glaze?

Another easy way to make things more interesting is a glaze. And no, there's no need to cook it down beforehand because it'll thicken and caramelize in the oven. Just whisk together the melted butter, honey, garlic, and thyme, and brush (or pour) it over the salmon. 🙌

Can I adapt this recipe?

If everything sounds amazing to you, but you're missing 1 or 2 ingredients, don't fret. It's infinitely adaptable! The honey can be replaced with brown sugar, olive oil can be used instead of butter, and rosemary is just as delicious as thyme. And in our opinion, red pepper flakes are always a good idea.

More baked salmon inspiration:

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Editor's Note: This recipe was last updated on December 23, 2020.

Cook&rsquos Tips for Moist and Juicy Salmon

For the best, perfect and tender salmon, please follow my cooking tips and techniques below.

  • Brush or coat olive oil on both sides of the salmon filet before cooking. Olive oil will make sure that your salmon remains moist and juicy after cooking in the pan on the stove.
  • Season the salmon fillet with kosher salt or sea salt flakes and freshly ground black pepper.
  • Season generously with paprika or smoked paprika for some heat.
  • Cook the salmon on high heat in a pan. Each side takes about 2-3 minutes to cook.
  • Do not overcook the salmon or the texture will become dry and tough.
  • Serve the salmon with lemon wedges. Squeeze the lemon juice on the salmon before serving.

Sides to serve with pan seared salmon

Pan seared salmon is quick to whip it up, so it’s a great fast and easy dinner idea! Here are a few ideas of side dishes that are quick to cook make them while the salmon is brining:

    This quinoa is seasoned o it tastes irresistible! This recipe will convince even quinoa haters take another bite. This elegant salad is quick to put together and unique. , Roasted Peppers and Onions, Sauteed Peppers or Sauteed Peppers & Onions The tender, sweet flavor of bell peppers is a great pairing. or Brussels Sprouts with Maple Glaze These crispy and sweet sprouts would make a stunning meal. Takes just a few minutes to make and is a beautiful healthy side! These mushrooms are stunning and have beautiful meaty flavor. Bake up a pan of asparagus while you sear the salmon: it’s very quick!

Chili-Tequila Salmon Steaks With Grilled Salsa

The tequila-lime marinade used before cooking infuses deep flavor into the salmon, and the salsa served with the grilled fish gives this dish a light and refreshing taste. The tomatoes, peppers, and onion are grilled before being pureed and combined with lime juice and cilantro, making for a delicious but different tasting salsa. Give chili-tequila salmon steaks with grilled salsa a try for your next cookout.

For this raw salmon recipe, you'll toss the cubed fish in a simple grapefruit ponzu sauce and serve over tender greens. Crushed wasabi peas add a pop of heat.

Switch up this endlessly riffable salad to suit your preferences, but try to always include a mix of cooked and raw vegetables for the best textures. This is a great way to use up leftover cooked salmon, if you've got it.

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