Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites Unveils Newest Wine-Themed Suite for 2014

Vendange Carmel Inn and Suites Unveils Newest Wine-Themed Suite for 2014

Fourteen vineyards from around Monterey County have teamed up with Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites to offer guests exclusive wine-themed rooms designed specifically by the vineyard. Each of the Monterey area wineries focused on décor and an atmosphere that goes hand-in-hand with their philosophies and wines.

One of these limited-edition suites, the newest comes from Blair Estate Winery. “Both [Blair Estate and Vendange] are independent, artisan, and family run, with an emphasis on guest experience," said winemaker Jeffrey Blair. "We wanted to extend the feel and hospitality of our tasting room into this fun, new space."

With this in mind, he noted that the history of his family's winery and a love of the land were the driving force behind the 2014 Blair Estate suite. The room features photos of the winery, warm reddish brown color palettes, custom re-purposed wine furniture and playful signage.

Among the other choices, the Twisted Roots King Suite features custom barrel-made artwork, canvas pictures and rod iron aesthetics. On the other hand, the J. Lohr room's décor incorporates grapevine wreaths and custom wine displays (and some reportedly super-plush bathrobes). Additional winery suites include: McIntyre Vineyards, Cima Collina, Ventana Vineyards, Holman Ranch Winery, Dawn's Dream, Galante, Joullian, Manzoni, Otter Cove, Pierce Winery and Tudor.

For those who see wine as a delicate art form rather than a momentary indulgence, these suites are fun ways to celebrate the vineyards that make our favorite grape-drink possible. With the property's weekend wine tastings, exclusive access to bottle purchases and a delightful fire pit with live music, wine lovers will enjoy a stay at Vendange Carmel Inn & Suites.

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