Frozen truffles

Frozen truffles

I also wanted to make truffles, because it rained in my mouth when Miha posted them. It is clear, however, that they did not like me and they came out too soft.

Therefore, in order not to lose the goodness of the composition, I put them in the freezer and had a wonderful ice cream.

As they say here, first melt the chocolate in the steam bath, then add 2 yolks (also on the steam bath) and mix a little. Take the bowl down and mix the mascarpone. Put the cold to harden, then spread a sausage of the composition on baking paper and roll to make a roll. I also put some nuts in the middle. Let cool until it hardens well.

EEE here my movie broke. The composition was creamy. excellent in taste, but did not want to get stronger. And then I put it in the freezer and made ice cream.

Hi and in this form.

Video: Frozen Full Movie in English - New Animation Movie (January 2022).