Stew with pork and roasted peppers

Stew with pork and roasted peppers

Bake the peppers, then peel the onion and cut it into small pieces, peel the tomatoes and grate them.

We cut the meat into small cubes.

In a saucepan, heat the oil and then the pieces of meat, brown them on both sides, then take them out and put the onion to harden, with a little salt. Heat the onion over low heat, while we take care of the peppers to peel them after we have cooked them and then we cut them into juliennes. After the onion has hardened, add the teaspoon of paprika and water, mix well, let it boil for 5 minutes, then add the tomatoes and let it simmer for about 20 minutes, then season with salt and pepper, add the baked peppers. We leave approx. 10 minutes, then add the meat, let it simmer for approx. 10-15 minutes. You can also add chopped parsley, I didn't put it, my boys don't like it.

Pork and rice pie

Pork and rice pie

Pork and rice pie


  • 500 gr white flour (type BL55 / 550)
  • 200 ml oil (olive)
  • 180 ml of water
  • 1/2 teaspoon salt
  • 600 gr minced meat (pork or mixed)
  • 60 gr rice with round grain
  • 1 larger onion (about 150 gr)
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • 2 tablespoons grated tomato paste
  • 50 ml olive oil
  • 125 ml broth
  • 1 or
  • 1/2 bunch of parsley
  • 4 fireflies
  • 1st mint leaves
  • 1/8 teaspoon ground cinnamon
  • salt, black pepper

Method of preparation

In the olive oil, fry the finely chopped onion only until it softens. Add the rice and let it cook for a few minutes, until the rice becomes translucent. Add the garlic and tomato paste and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
Pour the onion over the minced meat (passed only once through the meat machine with large holes so that it is not too pasty). Add the rest of the ingredients (broth, egg, chopped greens, cinnamon, 1 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon pepper). Stir until smooth.
In a large bowl put the flour and salt for the crust. Stir. Pour the oil over the entire surface. Stir with a fork until lumps form. Pour the water gradually (one tablespoon at a time) while mixing the dough, just until all the flour sticks. Then place the dough on the work table and knead by hand several times until the dough becomes more homogeneous.
Divide the dough into two pieces (one slightly larger than the other).
Spread the larger piece of thin sheet to fit in the 28 x 18 cm tray and climb a few cm on the walls (about 35 x 25 cm to have the sheet). The easiest way is to spread the dough between two baking sheets. If necessary, you can press the dough to rise on the edges, and if it breaks you can patch it, it is not as sensitive as the one with butter and it will not shrink when baked. The dough is hard to spread, and looks strangely oily, but it's okay.
Pour the filling into the pan and level it with a fork.
Spread the second sheet to fit on top. Leave the edges of the first sheet over it to seal the filling. Prick the pie from place to place with a fork. Grease the pie on top with a little milk.
Bake at 180C for 1 hour and 20 minutes (until golden brown on top).
Cut the pie into 6 or 8 pieces with a serrated knife (bread knife) and serve hot with lettuce. It's good reheated.

Diet Rina & # 8211 4-day menu, detailed, to quickly lose 10 pounds.

The Rina diet is one of the most popular weight loss methods as it helps you get rid of unwanted pounds without giving up the tasty dishes you like. You can still eat pasta, bread, cakes or chocolate, but follow a few simple rules. Here's what Rina's diet is and how it works, detailed by day!

Foods allowed in the Rina diet.
Protein: chicken, beef or pork, fish, cheese, dairy, eggs.
Starch: potatoes, beans, peas, rice, soy, lentils, soy flakes, chickpeas, corn.
Carbohydrates: white flour, whole wheat flour, buckwheat flour, corn flour, pasta, pizza (only with vegetables allowed), bakery products.
Vitamins: fresh or dried fruit, nuts or seeds (raw and unsalted), fruit juices, vegetables allowed: cabbage, mushrooms, carrots, celery, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, eggplant, tomatoes, cucumbers, radishes, onions, garlic, lettuce, nettles, loboda, peppers, avocado, olives (unsalted).

Rina diet detailed by day
To enjoy all its benefits, it is essential to adhere to the daily menu of the Rina diet. If you violated the diet on a certain day, you will have to take the diet from the beginning, from the protein day on day 1. We explain the detailed Rina diet by day, with examples of tasty recipes and easy to make, so you do not you can fail.

Day 1: Protein.
On the first day you can eat meat, fish, seafood, dairy or eggs, cooked without fat, grilled, baked, boiled or steamed. The protein does not change from lunch to dinner and does not combine with another. In addition to protein, you can also supplement with allowed vegetables and soup that can be from allowed vegetables or with meat chosen as protein. At lunch you can consume about 250 grams of protein food, and at dinner you will halve the amount. Snacks are not allowed between lunch and dinner.

Rina diet recipes for protein day:
grilled steak / oven with salad
grilled chicken breast salad / cheese / boiled eggs
vegetable omelette
spinach with eggs
chicken shaorma with vegetables allowed

Day 2: Starch.
The next day you can eat all kinds of dishes based on potatoes, beans, peas, rice, soy, lentils, soy flakes, chickpeas, corn, supplemented by the allowed vegetables. As with protein, starchy vegetables do not change from lunch to dinner, but several starchy vegetables can be combined with each other, as long as it does not exceed the allowed weight. At lunch you can consume about 250-300 grams, and at dinner you will halve the amount. Snacks are not allowed between lunch and dinner.

Rina diet recipes for starch day:
potato stew (with a maximum of a tablespoon of oil)
baked beans
pea food
baked potatoes with salad
oriental salad (without eggs)
rice with mushrooms and vegetables
lentil food

Day 3: Carbohydrates.
We anticipate that this will be your favorite day because now you can eat all kinds of forbidden foods in other recipes: bread, pretzels, pasta, pizza, bakery products and even cakes (only for dinner). At lunch you can eat 4-5 slices of bread, sticks or slices of pizza, 3 large pretzels, 120 g of pasta or 250 g of puff pastry (raw). At dinner you can choose to eat half of what you ate for lunch or a dessert: 3 pancakes, 150 grams of cake or 3 cups of ice cream. Dinner must be followed by 40 g of chocolate with at least 75% cocoa.

Rina diet recipes for carbohydrate day:
pizza with tomato sauce, mushrooms, peppers, onions and olives (without cheese)
pasta with tomato sauce, vegetables and mushrooms / pasta with garlic and hot peppers (maximum one tablespoon of oil)
sauerkraut with polenta
mushroom stew with polenta / glue
garlic wand
bread with zacusca
pancakes with jam / jam
cake / cake / cake / cake

Day 4: vitamins.
On the day of vitamins, meals will consist only of fresh fruits and vegetables (as allowed), as well as dried fruits, nuts or seeds. If you choose to eat vegetables, you should know that you are not allowed to use salt or oil. Meals can be taken every two hours.

Rina diet recipes for vitamin day:
Fruit Salad
fruit juices
baked vegetables (without oil and salt)
vegetable soup (without salt and oil)
fruit smoothies
baked apple with cinnamon
chia pudding with fruit

Transylvanian pork stew

  • Pork Stew (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Pork Stew
  • The main ingredients (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) The main ingredients
  • Onions and garlic are peeled, then finely chopped (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Onions and garlic are peeled, then finely chopped
  • Add the onion and chopped garlic and cook until the onion begins to bottle. Then put the pieces of meat. (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Add the chopped onion and garlic and cook until the onion begins to bottle. Then put the pieces of meat.
  • Add salt and pepper, then add hot water to cover the meat (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Add salt and pepper, then add hot water to cover the meat.
  • Add the broth and continue to cook until the meat is penetrated (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) Add the broth and continue to boil until the meat is penetrated.
  • The stew is served hot with polenta and hot peppers (Maria Matyiku / Epoch Times) The stew is served hot with polenta and hot peppers

This pork stew is a traditional Transylvanian dish, also called pork alms or pork stew, because in the past, it was served to those who came to help cut the pork. It is cooked especially in the cold season. Garlic gives it a special taste and the broth is added just to balance the fat in the meat and to cut the sweet taste of the onion.


1 kg of pork from the neck and neck,
1 tablespoon lard or 2 tablespoons oil,
2 -3 medium onions,
4 cloves of garlic,
100 ml of broth or 2 tablespoons of tomato paste,
salt and pepper to taste,
2 strands of chopped parsley (optional)


Cut the meat into suitable pieces. Peel the onion and garlic, then chop finely.

In a saucepan of suitable size, place the melted lard or the heated oil. Add the chopped onion and garlic and cook over medium-low heat until the onion begins to soften and bottle.

Then put the pieces of meat and mix for a few minutes, turning the meat slightly on all sides, until it changes color.

Add salt and pepper, then add hot water to cover the meat. Cover the pan with a lid and simmer for about an hour, until the meat begins to come off the bone.

Add the broth or tomato paste previously dissolved in a glass of water and continue to boil until the meat is penetrated and the onion and broth sauce becomes thick.

Season with salt and pepper, and sprinkle with finely chopped parsley.

The stew is served hot, with polenta and hot peppers or pickles. We wish you good luck.

Baked garlic cream

Baked garlic is a joy, it can be easily turned into a sauce for steaks or for baked or boiled corn, it can be greased on toast and lined with brown ham, crispy, it can be turned into creamy soup, in various combinations. I will show you today one of these possible combinations.

First you need to bake the garlic. At 180 degrees Celsius, 35-50 minutes. You know he's baked by pressing it. If it's soft, it's baked. Before putting it in the oven (on the baking sheet), cut the bottom, the one with the root, this way you make sure that the core leaves the sheath easily.

Until the garlic is cooked, make a vegetable soup. Onions, green onions, leeks, bell peppers, hot peppers, a small potato, celery leaves, parsley leaves, all over low heat, in water with a little salt.

Remove the garlic from the sheaths (you need two large hats for a generous portion, one hat for a decent portion).

From here, things get trickier, and this is where the true meaning of life lies. I chose to put the garlic in the blender, along with the vegetable soup and the vegetables in it. For creaminess but also because I like the taste, I put in the blender a healthy spoonful of fine goat cheese and a teaspoon of butter. Plus basil.

Simple, right? For decoration, hot pepper oil. It could be pumpkin, it could be olive, it could not be at all.

A lump of fresh mozzarella, a teaspoon of goat cheese in the soup to serve, a poached quail egg, can all be good additions.

Stir fry with pork, mangetout, peppers and noodles

There are three things I do when I'm hungry and I don't know what to cook. Most of the time, when this happens, I don't feel like shopping or spending time & # 8211 because I'm hungry NOW, not when I come back for a walk that includes a market, a supermarket and a grocery or deli .

So I resort to the repertoire of three quick things, which can be done with what I find in the fridge and pantry: pasta, stir fry or stew (the latter, in its quick version & # 8211 such as to stay, to stay or to stay & # 8211 can be executed in less than half an hour).

The same happened with the recipe below. Nobody complained, so I lived to cook another day.

    • 500g pork, neck or muscle
    • 1 tablespoon sunflower oil
    • 3 cloves of garlic
    • 1 tablespoon grated ginger
    • 2 tablespoons soy sauce
    • 1 tablespoon honey
    • 1 red bell pepper
    • 1 green hot pepper
    • 150g mangetout
    • 150g egg noodles
    • 3-4 tablespoons of lightly fried sesame seeds

    Heat the oil in a wok (you can also use a large frying pan if you have to improvise) and fry the meat over medium to high heat for a few minutes, until it gets a reddish crust.

    While the meat is frying, grate the ginger and finely chop the garlic (or you can use a garlic press). Put them together in a bowl and add two tablespoons of soy sauce and a tablespoon of honey. Mix.

    Peel a squash, grate it and slice it into small slices. Wash and drain the mangetout pods.

    Add the chopped vegetables to the wok and cook, stirring, for 2 minutes, then add the soy sauce mixed with ginger, garlic and honey. Mix well and continue to cook, stirring, until the vegetables soften a little and the meat is penetrated. leave them on the fire until the vegetables soften.

    Prepare the pasta according to the instructions on the package (most likely it will need to be cooked for about 3 minutes), drain it and add it to the wok. Sprinkle with sesame seeds and mix well.

    5 basic formulas for preparing the meal, so you can no longer rely on recipes

    True story: I once cheated on a batch of toast because I confused the measurements for water and oil. Let's just say I didn't feel the date I was trying to impress. Since then, I have become much more successful in the kitchen. How? Completely giving up recipes and cooking intuitively. Intuitive cooking is able to cook based on your senses. You can see if your food looks good. You can taste it if it needs more or less spice. You can smell it whether it is burned or not. I know what you're thinking:Not using a recipe? I have no idea what flavors and ingredients go together ?!

    The benefit of ditch recipes

    If you are loyal to recipes, imagine for a second: it is a quiet Wednesday and you have nothing after work. Open the fridge and see half an onion, a bunch of greens that are about to get bad and a single tomato. In the pantry, you have a box of chickpeas. Now imagine that you know exactly what to do with these ingredients, without having to open Pinterest and run recipes for 45 minutes.

    Seriously, not looking for that recipe is the difference between having dinner at 7:30 p.m. and 20:45 And it's big. Here's another unexpected bonus from not using a recipe: trust. Even if you are a beginner (hey, I used to burn rice), you can make better food without one. (Pant!) It's about the formula. Once you've got the basics, you can plan an entire week worth of breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    5 basic meal formulas that replace recipes

    The best meals for cooking are simple, packable, freezable, reheatable and capable (it can also be stored in the refrigerator for up to four days). Here are the basics for preparing meals:

    • Choose a starch:Brown rice, pasta, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, quinoa, bulgur and farro are our favorites.
    • Select vegetables:Asparagus, zucchini, broccoli, yellow zucchini, Brussels sprouts, beans, tomatoes, carrots, pepper and eggplant can be lightly fried or sauteed.
    • Choose a protein:Beans, chickpeas, tempeh, seitan, tofu, fish, chicken, beef, pork, turkey and shrimp are a good place to start choosing according to your food needs.

    Tip for professionals: you will not see the serving sizes, so adjust the quantities to suit you. The beauty of the formulas is that you don't have to follow accurate measurements to make sure you have enough to withstand the next four days. Are you ready to start building light meals that you can eat all week?

    1. The Buddha vessel

    • Starches: Dice the sweet potatoes and season with salt (or cinnamon if you want them to be sweet). Bake in the oven at 425 degrees for 30 minutes. While the Tartars are baking, cook the quinoa in water until all the water has evaporated.
    • Vegetables and proteins:While the potatoes are cooking, sauté the chickpeas and vegetables (recommended: chopped cabbage, tomatoes and zucchini) together in olive or coconut oil. Season with salt, pepper, paprika and cumin.
    • Prepare:Combine the sweet potatoes with the vegetables and chickpeas and toss together.
    • Meal preparation:Once cooked to your liking, divide everything into four meal preparation containers and you will have a Buddha Bowl at lunch every day this week.

    2. Baking with One-Pan vegetables

    • Vegetables and starch:Place vegetables (recommended: asparagus, beans, tomatoes, broccoli and / or Brussels sprouts) and mashed sweet potatoes on a parchment baking sheet. Keep the sweet potatoes in their section, in case you need to cook them longer. Season with olive oil, salt and pepper.
    • Protein:In the center of the pan, create a pocket in the vegetables to add tofu, salmon or chicken breast. If using tofu, add your favorite sauce (soy sauce, Sriracha, grilled), and for chicken or salmon, simply squeeze the lemon and add salt and pepper.
    • Prepare: Bake everything together for 20 minutes at 400 degrees. The sweet potato may need more time.
    • Meal preparation:Allow to cool and divide everything directly into four meal containers so that dinner is served every night this week.

    3. Stir-Fry

    • Starch:In a pot, prepare brown rice or quinoa according to the instructions on the package and set aside.
    • vegetables: In a pan or wok, sauté the vegetables (recommended: broccoli, carrots and peas) with olive oil, salt, pepper and garlic. Remove the vegetables and set aside.
    • Protein:In the same pan, add protein of your choice (recommended: chicken, beef, shrimp, tempeh or tofu) and cook with salt, pepper and garlic.
    • Prepare:Add the vegetables and starch back to the pan and toss with soy sauce.
    • Meal preparation:Allow to cool and divide between four cooking containers.

    4. Burrito bowl

    • Starch:In a pot, prepare brown rice or quinoa according to the instructions on the package and set aside.
    • Protein:Drain and strain a box of beans.
    • Vegetables:Chop and prepare tomatoes, bell peppers, canned corn, coriander and avocado. Quick tip: you can also use your favorite salsa instead of chopping tomatoes, corn, peppers and coriander if you feel a little lazy.
    • Prepare:You don't have to cook beans or vegetables, but if you prefer a warmer meal, sauté the beans and vegetables in a pan with olive oil and season with cumin, salt and pepper.
    • Meal preparation:Add the rice in four different containers to prepare the meals, then divide the beans and vegetables evenly.

    5. Omelet

    • Vegetables:Heat a pan with olive oil or coconut and add a combination of vegetables (recommended: spinach, tomatoes, peppers and broccoli). Season with salt and pepper. Cook until lightly dry.
    • Protein:Pour beaten eggs over vegetables. If you like cheese, add a handful of your favorite shredded dish.
    • Prepare: Add the pan to the oven and bake at 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes (until the egg is set).
    • Meal preparation:When cooled, divide it into quarters and portion it directly into the cooking utensils.

    Talia Koren is an influential marketing specialist who really wants to help 20-year-olds unite their lives together. She also enjoys cooking and runs the weekly work lunch blog. Keep up with Talia on Instagram and Twitter @thetalillama.

    Pork steak, baked in soy sauce with honey & # 8211 perfect for the holiday meal!

    We present you a recipe for baked pork chop. From a simple piece of meat you can prepare an irresistible delicacy. As a result you will get a tender and juicy meat, with a nice browned crust, with a slightly sweet taste and intoxicating aroma. It is perfect to be served at the holiday table. Enjoy your loved ones with a very tasty dish.


    -1 tablespoon vegetable spices

    -0.5 teaspoon peppercorn mixture


    1. Wash the pork chop and clean it. The skin must remain clean. If it does not fit in the pan, cut it in half.

    2. Arrange the ciolan in a saucepan with water. Put the pan on the fire. Peel the onion.

    3. When the water starts to boil, add the peeled onion to the pan. Make a low heat and simmer for 1 hour.

    4. Match with salt and spices. Boil for another 30 minutes.

    5. Mix the soy sauce with the honey. Cut the garlic into slices.

    6. Remove the shank from the pan and cut it over the entire surface. Arrange the garlic slices in the formed spaces.

    7. Grease the ciolan with the mixture of honey and soy sauce. Arrange it in a baking dish.

    8. Bake the meat in the preheated oven at 200 ° C for 15 minutes. Turn the ciolan over and pour the sauce over it. Bake for another 15 minutes.


    Simple, he is, close to home, sitting nearby, after intelligent thinking.

    Simple, she has over 5,000 attractive assortments in price and quality, she makes savings and she melts with pleasure that she is smart when shopping, she feels in heaven.

    Simple, he finds everything his heart desires, fresh, fresh and inviting. In addition, they have bagels and buns baked on the spot, to eat from the eyes.

    Simple, permanently there are promotions that he follows and so he gathers to get a lipstick, on spray, you know about women.

    Here we eat bagels like the ones in the picture and I am the biggest unhealthy, I like the fresh wheat-flavored core, the bread just soaked in coarse salt.

    But let me tell you what I'm cooking today.
    Kidney stew!

    Many people run away from this part of the animal, considering it a degraded and fragrant meat. But Uica has his recipe and my kidney stew is famous and it's gone. But let's talk.

    First I take the kidneys and cut them in half so that I can remove the white middle, the skins and the blood vessels. Then I marinate them in an astringent liquid with apple cider vinegar, lemon juice, grated lemon, allspice seeds, salt and green parsley leaves. And I forget about them for a few hours, when I take them out and clear them in three waters, they are pink-whitish and firm.

    Now it's time to put the cast iron pan on the fire and the sliced ​​kidneys are lightly fried in oil to catch a crust. I squeeze them on a paper towel, throw the first oil from the fridge, clean the pan well and put it to torment again. Fry in it with oil mixed with butter, a pile of leek slices to make such a translucent hardening, then pour boiling water to suffocate everything, put the kidney there, with the addition of spices, salt, peppercorns and necessarily a quarter of cinnamon stick. Another bay leaf, a sprig of thyme, a drop of semi-dry wine, white or red, and boil my saucepan in the law for about half an hour to soften the kidneys well. And then I pour over half a liter of tomato juice that the German makes in the house, I add another drop of sugar and let it boil for only five minutes.

    The kitchen already smells good and the story of hungry dragons, and next to it are a Greek pilaf. And this rice dish has its dichis, and if you haven't done it before, I'll teach you.

    Choose the round grain rice, a good cup, and let it flourish in the hot water in which you sprinkled a little grated lemon peel. Let the rice sit there for about an hour and if it has softened well, rinse it with hot water. Then take a tall tray and grease it with butter, put the rice there mixed only with salt and a pinch of grated nutmeg and put the tray in the oven on the fire for half an hour. But twice mix the rice to absorb all the butter, and at the end let it sizzle a bit. That if he catches a little gratin cheek, it's even better.

    And put a healthy portion of pilaf on the plate, pour the red sauce on top with pieces of kidneys and have a salad ready to go. For example, a sliced ​​black radish mixed with a little grated celery, sprinkled with a simple vinaigrette and plenty of green celery. Or one topped with grated carrots, strips of sweet cabbage and marinade taken out of marinade, also sprinkled with vinaigrette.

    And good appetite brother, here is the aristocratic food, but do not forget next to a dry and harsh wine with a taste of rock and sea in the storm.

    Five recipes with minced meat that you will repeat more than once!

    Below you will find 5 tasty recipes with minced meat from which any housewife can be inspired: appetizer roll, meatballs, lazy sarmale, roast beef and mackerel. The dishes are delicious and to the liking of the whole family!

    1. Roast - the recipe checked in time!

    The roasts are very juicy, tasty and consistent. It is easy to prepare, so any beginner cook can do it! The family will thank you for such a good dish!


    -1 kg of minced meat (beef)

    -1/2 glass of water or milk

    -1 teaspoon of Italian herbs

    - ground black pepper - to taste


    1. Soak the bread in water or milk.

    Advice. If you use bagel, soak the whole slices, and if white bread, then only the core, without the crust.

    2. Pass the onion through the small grater or pass it through the meat grinder together with the meat and bread.

    3. In the bowl with the minced meat, add the onion and the squeezed bread.

    4. Season the mince with salt, black pepper and Italian herbs, then mix until the ingredients are smooth.

    5. Form the roasts, pass them through the flour, then through the beaten egg with a fork and fry them on the pan with hot oil, over medium heat, until they are nicely browned on both sides.

    6. Remove the roasts in a saucepan, pour 1 glass of boiling water, cover with a lid, put the pan on low heat and simmer the roasts for about 20 minutes.

    2. Lazy Sarmale - a perfect dinner or lunch for the whole family!

    A wonderful way to save time by preparing a delicious meal! Cabbage leaves should not be boiled preventively, and sarmales should not be rolled. The preparation process is a real pleasure!


    -500 gr of minced meat (beef)

    -2 glasses of tomato juice

    -3 tablespoons of rye or breadcrumbs

    -salt and black pepper - to taste.


    1.Cut the cabbage into small pieces, then chop it.

    2.Cut the onion into small cubes and pass the carrot through a small grater.

    3. Fry the onion in the pan with oil until golden, then add the carrot, stir and sauté the vegetables until the carrot is soft.

    4.Mix the cabbage with minced meat, rye bran, egg, half of the fried vegetables, salt and black pepper.

    5. Grease the baking tin with oil, form sarmale in the form of large roasts, place them in the form and cover them with the remaining fried vegetables.

    6. Mix the tomato juice with a little salt and pour it into the sarmale form.

    Advice. You can also mix 4 tablespoons of tomato paste with 2 glasses of water.

    7. Cover the form with a lid or foil and place it in the preheated oven up to 200 ° C for 60 minutes.

    3.Potatoes with meatballs

    You need the most affordable ingredients and 40 minutes to get a tasty and flavorful dish for a large family. Meatballs will be to everyone's liking, from small to large!


    -700 gr of minced meat (beef)

    -1 teaspoon of Italian herbs

    -salt and black pepper - to taste


    1.Mix the minced meat with the well-washed rice, salt and black pepper.

    2. Shape the meatballs, like a walnut, and fry them on the pan with hot oil, over medium heat, until they are browned on all sides.

    3.Cut the onion into cubes, the carrot into thin slices, and the potatoes into medium pieces.

    4.Mix the tomato paste with 1 glass of water.

    5. Saute the onion in a large deep pot or pan with hot oil, add the carrot, mix and fry the vegetables for 2-3 minutes.

    6. Pour the diluted tomato paste and mix.

    7. Bring the sauce to the boil, add the meatballs and pour about 1 liter of boiling water.

    8. Add the potatoes, salt and mix.

    Advice. The potatoes should be covered with liquid, so if necessary, pour more boiling water.

    9. Cover the pot with a lid and simmer the food for 15-20 minutes, after boiling.

    10. With 5 minutes before it is ready, add the bay leaves and the Italian herbs.

    4. Shrimp with crispy golden crust and juicy filling!

    It is worth trying these tasty and fragrant homemade muffins. Pamper your family and friends!


    For the dough:

    For the filling:

    -600 gr of minced meat (beef, pork or lamb)

    -salt and ground black pepper - to taste


    1. Transfer the flour to a large bowl.

    2.Mix the yolk with salt and water until smooth.

    3. Gradually pour the liquid into the flour bowl, stirring constantly with a fork.

    4.Add the oil and knead the dough well until it becomes smooth, soft and elastic.

    5.Puneți aluatul în pungă și îl lăsați să se odihnească timp de 30-40 de minute.

    6.Tăiați ceapa bucăți cât mai mici sau o treceți prin mașina de tocat carne.

    7.Mărunțiți frunzele de pătrunjel.

    8.Amestecați carnea tocată cu ceapă, pătrunjel, sare, piper negru și apă, eventual supă, pentru ca tocătura să fie mai suculentă.

    Advice. Tocătura trebuie să fie suculentă, însă din ea nu trebuie să curgă apă.

    9.Rupeți o bucată de aluat și o întindeți pe blatul de lucru într-o foaie cât mai subțire.

    10.Luați un capac sau o farfurie de mărimea dorită și tăiați cercuri.

    11.Repartizați umplutura pe o jumătate de cerc, o acoperiți cu cea de-a doua jumătate de aluat și lipiți marginile cu furculița.

    Advice. Opțional, puteți tăia marginea cu un cuțit rotund zimțat.

    12.Turnați o cantitate suficientă de ulei în tigaie, un strat de aproximativ 1 cm, îl înfierbântați și prăjiți șuberecele la foc mediu, până se rumenesc pe ambele părți.

    13.Scoateți șuberecele pe prosoape de hârtie, care vor îmbiba uleiul în exces, și serviți-le calde.

    5.Ruladă de cașcaval cu carne – delicată, gustoasă și suculentă!

    Un aperitiv sățios, gustos și aspectuos perfect pentru platourile festive cu carne.


    -sare și piper negru – după gust.


    1.Treceți cașcavalul prin răzătoarea mare.

    2.Amestecați ouăle cu maioneză, folosind telul, cât să obțineți o compoziție omogenă.

    3.Adăugați cașcavalul și mai amestecați o dată.

    4.Turnați compoziția în forma (26*36 cm) tapetată cu hârtie de copt și o repartizați uniform pe toată suprafața.

    5.Coaceți omleta în cuptorul preîncălzit până la 200°С timp de aproximativ 20 de minute.

    6.Tăiați ceapa cuburi medii, o transferați în vasul cu carne tocată, adăugați sare și piper negru, turnați 70 ml de apă și amestecați foarte bine ingredientele.

    7.Scoateți omleta din formă și o lăsați să se răcorească timp de 2-3 minute.

    8.Repartizați uniform carnea tocată pe suprafața omletei, rulați o ruladă, pe care o transferați în forma de copt.