Fruit cake

Fruit cake

In a pot, boil 400 ml of milk with 400 gr of sugar.

Separately beat 5 eggs. beat well with 100 g of sugar and 100 ml of milk, then pour over the milk boiled with sugar.

Chew continuously so that it does not stick to the bottom until it thickens like sour cream (It is preferable to boil it on a steam bath)

When it is ready, put it to cool. In a saucepan put gelatin with 150 ml of water and leave for 10 min.

Then put on low heat until it melts completely (be careful not to boil, heat until it melts), then mix with cream.

Add the drained fruit (We leave fruit for garnish) and 500 ml whipped cream well with 1 cream hardener.

In a pan the size of the countertop we put a bigger bag, we put half of the cream, countertop syruped with fruit syrup, the rest of the cream and the countertop we syrup.

Squeeze the bag and put it in the fridge until the next day.

With the rest of the fruit and whipped cream, garnish to everyone's liking.

I did not manage to decorate it as I wished that I did not pose and with the bag it is harder, next time it will be better;) that I will buy the necessary utensils again.

Good appetite ! and happy birthday ! Holy Saints ..

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