Vegetable salad with grapes

Vegetable salad with grapes


  1. Mix salad 50 grams
  2. Cherry Tomatoes 6 pcs.
  3. Cucumber 1/3 pcs.
  4. Red grapes 10 pcs. (large)
  5. Yogurt 2 tablespoons
  6. 1 tablespoon olive oil with garlic
  7. Salt to taste
  8. Pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients: Cucumber, Tomato, Grapes
  • Serving 4 servings


Knife, board, salad bowl


Step 1: rinse the salad.

Rinse the greens properly, dry and tear into large pieces.

Step 2: chop the grapes.

Rinse and cut the grapes, dividing each berry into quarters. Remove the seeds.
Pour into a plate to the previously sliced ​​salad.

Step 3: chop the vegetables.

Cut the tomatoes into quarters.
Peel part of the cucumber, and then cut into thin slices.
Send chopped vegetables to a salad bowl for other ingredients.

Step 4: season the salad.

Add yogurt, olive oil with garlic, salt and pepper to the salad. Mix everything together very carefully and serve the finished salad of grapes and vegetables to the table.

Step 5: serve a vegetable salad with grapes.

A grape and vegetable salad is a delicious addition to your main course. Light, juicy and sweet, it is perfect for chicken and baked meat. Try it for sure!
Enjoy your meal!