15 More Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets That You Don’t Need

15 More Ridiculous Kitchen Gadgets That You Don’t Need

Whether it’s making roast chicken or flipping burgers on the grill, one of everyone’s main goals while working in the kitchen is to work efficiently, and we have our kitchen gadgets to thank for helping us with that. While an open flame and the food to cook are certainly important, we’d be short of a decent meal in a reasonable amount of time without some of our most trusted gadgets.

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For example, what would roasting a perfectly moist chicken be like without having a baster? And how would we seamlessly flip those burgers without a durable spatula? Even the most basic gadget that every single cook has, the knife, makes it possible for us to work in the kitchen.

Kitchen gadgets not only help make cooking possible, but they help us do it with ease and efficiency. While things like a pair of tongs, a whisk, and spatula are some of the essential gadgets we use, we wanted to take a look — again — at gadgets that aren’t necessarily required for your cooking endeavors, but certainly have efficiency in mind.

These days, new technology and creative minds can make pretty much anything possible, even when it boils down to the simplest things that we do in the kitchen. Take for example, the times you need both a slotted spoon and a spatula while cooking. Did you know there’s a gadget out there that makes it possible to use both with one tool? Can’t stand when your clean roll of paper towels becomes smudged because someone reached for a sheet with grimy hands? There’s a kitchen gadget that helps you avoid that. And even now, as we’re basking in the glory of late summer cooking, there’s a list of gadgets that helpings making grilling easier, from scoring your hot dogs to marinating your meat.

Whether it’s helping with prep, cooking, or cleaning, there’s a bunch of kitchen gadgets out there, ridiculous and all, varying in prices ranging from $6 to $3,700, that were specifically designed to make you more efficient in the kitchen. These kitchen gadgets are may seem pretty outlandish, but when it comes down to it, they’d be pretty cool to have on hand, right?

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20 Useful Kitchen Gadgets For People Who Don't Cook

Many of us got into cooking during quarantine, whether it was recreating dishes from our favorite restaurant cookbooks or making our own sourdough starter.

But for a lot of people, cooking can be kind of intimidating. If you know someone whose culinary skills stop at popping ramen noodles into the microwave or burning most of their meals despite their best efforts, a cooking gadget or accessory can go a long way and fill in some of those gaps.

It can be as simple as a strainer that sticks to your pot to avoid spilling pasta into the sink or this apron with built in pot-holders. There’s also this vegetable chopper with different blades to julienne, chop and slice vegetables without ever having to pick up a knife.

Of course, there are also cookbooks that make good gifts, including everything from “Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat” to “The Complete One Pot,” which includes more than 400 meals you can make in a single skillet, sheet pan or Instant Pot.

We’ve rounded up some of the most useful kitchen gadgets for the non-cook in your life.

25 Vintage Kitchen Tools You Don't See Anymore

You don't often see antique items like these in kitchens these days.

These antique cooking and baking gadgets give new meaning to the phrase "just like Grandma used to make."

Do not fear this scary-looking antique kitchen tool. It's actually meant for cutting delicate cakes like Angel food.

In Grandma's kitchen, everything had its rightful place.

Decorative breadboxes were all the rage in Grandma's day.

Because it was very important that butter be beautiful, these molds came in all kinds of designs.

This was a farmhouse must-have for making jam and tomato sauce.

It was all about presentation in the good ol' days. Case in point: This cute condiment serving tray from the '60s with glass bowls and ladles.

If Grandpa liked his eggs poached, Grandma surely had one of these pretty pans.

The old-fashioned way to make everything from baby food and applesauce to mashed potatoes and pureed soups.

The clever design allowed for cool water to fill the area on the saucer around the glass bowl&mdasheffectively keeping butter chilled but still soft enough to spread.

The Borderline


The goal of this “smart frying pan” — to track nutritional values of your food — isn’t inherently bad. But it seems to buy into the fallacy that more information is inherently good — and while the Silicon Valley biohacking crowd might relish in knowing the precise nutritional breakdown of their food, the rest of us can make do with estimates. But by all means, if you want a frying pan to stoke your neuroses about your diet and general health, have at it.


This startup wants to analyze your DNA and tell you what to eat based on the results, and it can also scan grocery products to tell you if it’s a good match for your biology. Similar to Smartypans, the company’s goal of encouraging healthy eating is inoffensive, but the whole idea of an app that says “your DNA gives this food a frowny face” sounds eerily like a device out of sci-fi dystopia flick Gattaca, or at least the kind of app that could prompt hardcore calorie counters to develop another unhealthy nutrition-focused fixation. And yes, while genetics can influence what you eat, you don’t need an app to tell you about it — those who are lactose intolerant can probably detect it courtesy of an unpleasant bloated feeling.

34 Things For Anyone Who Spends Basically All Their Time In The Kitchen

You don’t have to be a professional chef to know that the kitchen is the best place to be. And if you find yourself there most of the day whipping up delicious meals (and snacks), you probably know that you need to fill it with tools and products to help you achieve all your cooking goals.

From an anti-fatigue mat to keep your legs and feet from hurting while standing for hours to a KitchenAid mixer to make baking a breeze, we’ve rounded up some great tools, appliances, cleaning products, and more that will transform your kitchen and the way you cook.

HuffPost may receive a share from purchases made via links on this page. Prices and availability subject to change.

Made to remove everything from grease to ink stains with zero water required, these magical wipes are also formulated with aloe and vitamin E so it's gentle on your skin. Plus, they're non-abrasive, so they're safe to use on smooth surfaces like car exteriors.

Promising review: "I have a small kitchen, and everything tends to get an oily, greasy film on it very quickly. I don't have a tile back splash or a range hood, and my fridge is right next to my stove, so the paint on the wall and the textured fridge get pretty disgusting. The tiniest little oil splatter seems to cover my whole kitchen. When these wipes arrived yesterday, I attacked my kitchen with them. They worked amazingly well! I didn't realize how much grease was really sticking to everything until I saw how disgusting the wipes were getting. Luckily, they're huge, so I was able to cover a lot before a needed a new one.
I have very sensitive skin, and these didn't dry my hands out at all. I also get severe migraines, which are easily triggered by chemical smells, and these have a nice, lemony scent that didn't trigger me at all. 10 stars!" — Michele West

Get a 90-pack from Amazon for $11.48 (available in eight sizes and multi-packs).

You'll have a place to store all of your family's favorite recipes. or those concoctions you've recently stumbled upon on TikTok. This ring binder comes with 25 4"x6" recipe cards, 50 clear plastic sleeves, and nine tab dividers with categories.

Promising review: "I don't have too many recipes (since I'm not the best cook lol), so I was looking for a really cute recipe book just to keep my favorites! They supple a handful of stylish note cards that match the binder to input your recipes, which I really liked. Also, it is a really cute decoration to display in your kitchen, too!" — AB

Get it from Amazon for $14.99+ (available in three designs).

If you find yourself standing in your kitchen for long periods of time, this can help alleviate back and foot pain. It's basically a must-have if you spend your nights hand-washing an endless pile of dishes.

Promising review: "My kitchen floor is tile and after a half day of making bread, cookies, or brownies, or even prepping to can jams, my feet and toes would cramp at night. I needed relief! The Sky Mats kitchen mat is perfect. It's a perfect size for my kitchen workspace and amazingly comfortable to stand on while I chop, knead, stir, and mix. I spilled strawberry jam on it and thought I'd created a permanent sticky spot, but it cleaned up without a trace. I can sweep it clean after a day in the kitchen. Best of all, I don't have cramps in my toes and legs at night. Love my mat!" — Judith

Get it from Amazon for $29.99+ (available in four sizes and 10 colors and patterns).

Add this to your cabinet, and you'll actually be able to see the massive collection of seasonings you've somehow accumulated over the years.

Promising review: "With all our spices on one level, we had to take out every spice to get to the ones in the back. Now they are all visible and you can just reach in and take out the one you need. Easy peasy!" — Kindle Customer

Get a set of two from Amazon for $27.99.

Put the spices you reach for the most in it, and you'll be able to grab them in seconds. Plus, this is way more elegant than simply sitting them on top of the stove.

Get it from Ashley Homestore for $29.99 (originally $79.99).

Yes, it actually lives up to the hype. Whether you're slow cooking your favorite soup or looking to whip up some homemade yogurt, this magical pot does it all. It's a pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker, and food warmer all rolled into one nifty appliance.

Promising review: "This is quite possibly the coolest, most versatile kitchen gadget I’ve ever owned. I love it so much that I’ve purchased two more for friends and relatives. What can it do? I think the real question is 'What can’t it do?' I truly believe you could replace every cooking appliance (including your oven and stove top) and do EVERYTHING in the Instant Pot. I purchased two sizes for my own use: the three-quart (which is my almost-every-day workhorse for two person dishes) and the eight-quart (which I bring out to handle my dinner party dishes). Everything I’ve tried has been fabulous. In the realm of kitchen appliances, there is no better investment than the Instant Pot. Highly recommended. " — Stereoman

Get it from Amazon for $63.94+ (available in four sizes and two styles).

Filled with unique, easy meal ideas (and mouth-watering photos), this calendar will ensure that you won't get stuck eating the same thing over and over again.

Promising review: "Great quality calendar. This is the second year I purchased this calendar. Great recipes, plus great quality. I always look for a calendar that won’t sag throughout the year, this one doesn’t! I have this in my office and it’s a great conversation starter." — Dee Anna Chappell

Get it from Amazon for $11.98.

Made to clean basically anything in your kitchen and bathroom, this is basically a requirement for you to own. Need to spruce up your sink? Bring some life back to your old tarnished silverware? This will definitely do the trick.

Promising review: "Bar Keepers Friend should really be called 'Homeowner's Magician'! I purchased this cleanser in an attempt to revive our stainless-steel knife set, which is a great moderately-priced set that has seen better days, and I'm extremely happy that I did. The cleanser not only took away the rust spots with minimal difficulty, but it returned them to their original luster! After cleaning our knives, I gave it a shot on our porcelain sink, which I typically have to douse in bleach cleaner to remove the stains from, causing the entire kitchen to be filled with noxious fumes. and it worked beautifully! The stains came clean, and it made the sink look pretty enough to eat off of." — Kat (Ferrari) Backa

Get it from Amazon for $11.48.

Plop these in your water bottles and coffee tumblers to remove stains and odors from the bottles you've left unwashed for an embarrassingly long time. It happens. These are biodegradable and odor-free.

Promising review: "I seriously can't believe how well these little tablets work. I had the most disgusting HydroFlask coffee mug — I tried everything. A bottle brush, different kinds of soap, vinegar, EVERYTHING, and there was still a seemingly impenetrable layer of black sludge inside. I let a tablet sit in each of my mugs for an hour or two, and the black sludge rinsed out COMPLETELY, without even scrubbing. They look brand new. What a magical product. No weird smell or taste afterward, either. I liked it so much I used it on another HydroFlask I use primarily to hold my Bloody Mary mix in the fridge. I couldn't put anything else in it because it would always taste like spicy tomato juice. Bottle Bright to the rescue! No residual smell or taste anymore. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING." — Amazon Customer

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $8.

This may look like a simple spatula, but it's actually so much more. You can use it as a slotted spoon, spatula, turner and it even features an edge that's perfect for light slicing and dicing.

Promising review: "Give it a cap and a costume, this is the only thing I need in the kitchen! I am often looking for tools that can replace the 30 others I have collected in my kitchen. I have used this to flip grilled cheese, stir red beans and rice, strain Brussel's sprouts, and taste sauce. I used the flat edge to cut onions that were too large once in the pot and scrape the bottom of the pan. The uni-tool feels nice in my hand, has held up fine in multiple dishwashings, and has allowed me to toss a few kitchen tools that have become obsolete." — Hiawhatha

Get it from Amazon for $19.26.

Now your ice will never absorb any freezer odors. Plus, you won't have to worry about spilling any water after you refill it!

Promising review: "I absolutely LOVE ice cubes in my drinks, and it's so annoying to have ice cube problems. I really researched ice cube trays and read a lot of reviews until I found these trays. It's so nice not to have to worry about spilling water just trying to get them in there. Also, they come out of the tray so easily! No more fighting to get the cubes out. These just kind of pop out when you press down on one side." — Kalisa
Get it from Amazon for $9.99.

This can handle the toughest ingredients with ease. You'll be whipping up your own chunky salsas and fresh nut butters in no time.

Promising review: "The holy grail blender, y'all. I grew up with a Vitamix (big, tall, classic model), and since being on my own I have really missed it. I tried food processors (because they're cheaper), less expensive blenders, immersion blenders, etc. Nothing came close to what a Vitamix can do. If you're wondering if it's worth the price, I would give a resounding YES. It's so supportive of a healthy diet (smoothies, soups, scratch-made dips and salsas, nut milks and butters, etc.), and it's stupid easy to use AND clean. What sold me ultimately was 1) the smaller size (the classic ones are larger), and 2) I thought about how much I spend (or would like to spend) at my local smoothie/juice bar. A 16 oz. smoothie costs a ridiculous $8-9, and a juice at least that much, if not more. If I could afford it, I would have gotten one daily. So, this Vitamix pays for itself in about a month." — lovespuppies

Get it from Amazon for $272.42+ (available in three colors and four styles).

You can pop these right in the microwave because you shouldn't have to dirty extra dishes just to enjoy leftovers.

Promising review: "I am in the process of replacing all my storage containers with these. I cannot say enough good things about this product! These containers go from dishwasher to freezer storage without any issue. Started with a sample set to test whether they would bubble up in the microwave or stain, as I cook a lot of red sauce pasta and barbecue. They have passed every test with flying colors. These have not stained, bubbled (whitened), and hand washing or dishwasher — it doesn't make a difference, because they clean up great! Exceeded all expectations and I wish I would have bought these sooner. The best all around storage container I have ever used! Love them!" — Susanne S.

Get a two-pack from Amazon for $13.98+ (available in four sizes and four sizes).

Add some order to your chaotic mess of groceries with this set. And because you'll be able to actually see all your food, you might just end up using that bag of lettuce before it goes bad!

Promising review: "It's nice to be able to find things in the refrigerator and be able to pull out the whole tray container to see what's in the back of the fridge. I don't know if this happens to you, but I find my way to the back every so often, and come to find out a jar in the back expired a year ago. Now I can see everything and use it." — BookBroke

Get a six-piece set from Amazon for $34.99.

This is so easy to use and will turn your own kitchen into your new favorite (and much less expensive) coffee shop. Just add coarse-ground coffee into the mesh filter, pour water into the pitcher, screw the lid on (with the filter attached and submerged in the water), let it brew for 12–24 hours, and serve. You can pour it straight over ice cubes, or cut it with water or milk.

Promising review: "This coffee maker is my BEST FRIEND! I use this every day, it's so easy to use! My coffee comes out perfect every time. I'm a cold coffee drinker and I put about 8-10 scoops of freshly ground coffee into the filter. I let it sit overnight and the next morning, I remove the filter and dump the grounds. It makes four days' worth of coffee and I love that it's ready to go for me, especially since I wake up at 4:50 a.m. and I need to make my coffee quickly! It's very easy to clean as well." — Panda

Get it from Amazon for $19.99+ (available in two sizes and three colors).

Free up some counter space and wow everyone who steps foot in your kitchen.

Promising review: "I want to order another one! I wish I had thought to purchase one of these sooner. The magnet is strong and holds plenty of my everyday knives. I decided to put it on the side of my fridge and it holds perfectly. I didn't need anything extra to hold it in place either. I'd like to get one more for the rest of my tools because this is so much better than the block! Now I have more counter space." — RayJoni07

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in two sizes).

These tools will help you tackle tough stains and make your stove looks shiny enough for the pages of Architectural Digest. This set comes with a 10-ounce bottle of cooktop cleaner, one cleaning pad, and one scraper.

Promising review: "As soon as I used this stuff, I couldn't believe it! We had a new stove that I didn't clean for months and assumed the burnt pea juice (my enemy) would just be a new stain forever. However, after one application, it was basically gone. I used the scraper that came with it and did one more small application on just that spot, and it was gone! Every time I use this it looks like my stove could be brand-new." — Christi

Get it from Amazon for $9.49.

Your dishwasher is probably way dirtier than you imagine. These will break down lime and mineral build-up so your dishes come out looking as sparkly as they do in all those dish soap commercials.

Promising review: "After using this product, I am happy to report that my $5 investment saved me over $500. I was ready to replace my dishwasher, due to super cloudy glasses, residue, and just not getting clean. Then I saw a product test review for Affresh in Good Housekeeping magazine. I was ordering some stuff from Amazon anyway, so I added that to my order. I did not expect the results I got! The glassware that I thought was permanently etched and ruined came out like new. Same with cutlery. The difference is unbelievable. I am amazed!" — Sheila

Get a six-pack from Amazon for $5.99.

Get an instant reading with this useful tool, so you can rest assured that your meats are cooked to the perfect temperature.

Promising review: "This digital meat thermometer is the best I've ever had. I own others, but they are either too bulky to fit in the drawer or too hard to read. This one is small and lightweight it's easy to pull out the probe and very easy to read the temperature. I purchased several as stocking stuffers for Christmas. They make a gift that will be appreciated for its size and ease of use, but most importantly, it will be a gift that gets used instead of put away in the closet." — Kat29

Get it from Amazon for $12.99.

Tiny apartment dwellers, rejoice! This is a major space saver and surprisingly multifunctional. It can also be used as a trivet mat on your countertop or simply as a way to turn your sink into some extra counter space when you're cooking. It's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees F and can be tossed in the dishwasher for easy cleaning.

Promising review: "It is incredibly versatile and a wonderful addition to our kitchen. So far I have used it for drying large items over the sink, filling a pot when the sink was already full, and as a counter trivet for a hot pan, and it performs beautifully in all these roles. The metal rods are strong and sturdy enough to hold heavy items, long enough to span our sink from multiple angles, and best of all, it rolls up for easy storage when not in use. All around a great kitchen tool, and I'll never be without one again." — T. Eicher

Get it from Amazon for $24.98+ (available in two sizes).

You can start stacking all of your Tupperware containers together and save some sacred storage space.

Promising review: "This does exactly what it says it does. It holds a variety of lid sizes and fits nicely inside the cabinet. It is so nice to be able to find the exact lid you are looking for without having to rummage around inside the cabinet. I would recommend this product." — shelby2289

Get it from Amazon for $13.99 (available in two colors).

Not only will this prop open plastic bags, but it also doubles as a sleek drying stand for bottles and glassware and as an easy way to hold scraps while cooking. It's basically the helpful kitchen assistant you never knew you needed.

Promising review: "I stumbled on this product searching for something to dry bottles. I am so glad I took a chance on it. I love it for drying bottles. It does everything the reviews list. I was sold on it because it looked so easy to store, but honestly, it hasn't left my countertop since it arrived. The way it opens and adjusts lends itself to any number of uses. My favorite part it that I can hold up large awkward items like cookie sheets and a 9x13 pan to dry. I have used it for holding open gallon bags to fill. Such a simple design and well-executed." — My Old KY Home

Get it from Amazon for $17.99+ (available in two colors).

This will become your new best friend from the first moment you use it. It can handle everything from thick bread dough to creamy cake batter — and let's face it, it will just look so good on your countertop.

Promising review: "My wife and I contemplated getting this mixer but were a bit wary because of the price point. It's totally worth the investment. This is an appliance we'll have for life and it works like a charm! So far we've used it to make a few baked goods and it's responding great. We totally love it!" — Seth Lizy

Get it from Williams Sonoma for $399.95 (available in 10 colors).

Easily dispose of your scraps while cooking without having to walk over to the trash can every single time.

Promising review: "I love this product because I'm always chopping vegetables and cutting up meat. I would be making several trips to the trash. Now I'm able to make meal prep quicker, easier, and cleaner! A good way to use up some of those plastic bags from the grocery store, too!" — Ellen Holcomb

Get it from Amazon for $6.99.

Now you can answer that text from your friend when you should be continuously stirring your homemade pasta sauce. It has a built-in timer and runs on four AA batteries.

Promising review: "Honestly I laughed at myself for buying this. I stopped laughing the first time I used it! What a help! It freed me up to do other things while it stirred the sauce that needed constant attention. Bought another one! Not laughing now!" — Luvdvm

Get it from Uncommon Goods for $25.

You'll finally be able to turn your back for one second without worrying about your pot of pasta boiling over and making a mess everywhere. This 11-inch spill stopper is made of silicone that's heat-resistant up to 400 degrees F. It's also microwave- and dishwasher-safe.

Promising review: "I was pretty skeptical but thought I would give it a try. I LOVE this spill stopper! I cooked up brown rice and usually have to deal with the pot boiling over at some point. This wonderful invention allowed for me to walk away to take care of a few things before coming back and turning down the heat. I was so happy that there was no spill-over to have to clean up. I would purchase this as a housewarming gift, a hostess gift. what a wonderful invention!" — KW

Get it from Amazon for $19.24+ (available in two colors).

Keep all of your silverware in its proper place because not every drawer should be a junk drawer.

Promising review: "I loved this so much I bought one for the bestie who just bought a new house. My silverware drawer is organized for the first time in forever!" — Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

Keep your produce tasting fresh for much longer. If you constantly find yourself tossing out strawberries you totally forgot you bought, these containers will basically pay for themselves.

Promising review: "I wish I would have gotten these sooner. I bought strawberries for my children, and then I forgot about them. I found them in the back of the refrigerator almost TWO WEEKS later, and they were still good. The real miracle is how long it keeps zucchini. Zucchini starts to get mushy in the crisper drawer after just a few days. Again, these miracle containers have kept it fresh for close to two weeks now. I've kept cut lettuce, cut cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, cucumbers, zucchini, sliced bell peppers, strawberries, blackberries, cut jicama, and carrots in these containers. I've had fantastic results with all of them." — Laura

Get a three-piece set from Amazon for $34.88 (also available in 10 other sizes and sets).

This will pair nicely with a sous vide — or you can simply use it for safely storing leftovers (or the other half of an avocado!) for longer periods of time.

Promising review: "I had one of these machines from a well-known company for about 10 years, and it finally quit working. I bought a new one from the same company, and it was junk. This one was highly rated in a bunch of articles from different magazines, so I gave it a try. Wow. It's amazing! Pretty quiet (unlike my other one) and has great suction. There's a trough that you have to put the end of the bag in, or it won't work. Took me a couple of tries to figure that out. Also, make sure you press down HARD on both sides of the machine when you close it. Don't worry. you won't break it lol. It's totally worth the money." — Traci

Get it from Amazon for $47.99+ (available in two colors).

Swipe all your countertop messes directly into the sink. It even has a built-in ledge so you can hang it when not in use.

Promising review: "LOVE THIS PRODUCT! Saves me so many paper towels, easily washed in the dishwasher, and the small size saves space! Will always have one of these on hand for sure!" — Prime Time Review

Get it from Amazon for $8.99.

Let everyone know you mean business in the kitchen. It comes with six high-quality steel knives that will tackle all your slicing needs — and look good doing it. Each set includes an 8-inch chef's knife, a 7-inch Santoku knife, an 8-inch bread knife, a 5-inch serrated utility knife, a 3.5-inch paring knife, and a walnut knife block.

Promising review: "These are sharp! They’re quality knives, the handles don’t break off, they feel great and they’re sharp, very sharp. The wood stand looks great on my kitchen." — Merim Spiodic

Get a six-piece set from Amazon for $229.95.

Attaches this to the side of your pot, and you'll never burn yourself while awkwardly straining into a colander ever again! It's made of flexible silicone and designed to fit most pots and pans.

Promising review: "Gone are the days of pouring into a separate strainer and then having to clean two different things for a simple bowl of cooked pasta. I'm not typically a raving fan of seemingly simple kitchen gadgets, but this handy little helper works exactly as advertised. Made of hearty silicon material, it's flexible enough to snap onto all of my pots, from my small 8" to my largest Dutch oven. Even better, the material doesn't conduct heat so I don't have to worry about burning my hands when pulling it off the pot after it's finished draining boiling hot water. I've even left it clipped onto a pot for a little while before draining the water off, and it shows no sign of melting or marring. This is a fantastic way to shave off a few precious seconds from the process and I'd highly recommend it." — J. Im

Get it from Amazon for $15.99+ (available in five colors).

You can spin away and grab whatever you need. Sometimes the simplest kitchen gadgets are truly the most helpful.

Promising review: "I cook a LOT. I had a utensil holder, but it wasn't big enough so it was hard to slide the utensils in — and if it was semi-empty, they were tilting and falling. I threw it away and used a drawer but then was super sick of digging through everything to get what I needed, especially when you have something on the stove and you need it pronto. I ordered this and love it. It rotates so you can spin it around to get what you need really quickly, has three dividers in it (so the utensils aren't falling over every time you pull one out), and is big enough to fit everything. I have maxed it out with all my utensils — I have 16 cooking utensils in it at a time. It also looks really nice and sleek on the counter. I highly recommend this product." — Jessie

Get it from Amazon for $19.47.

Reaching for your favorite cookware shouldn't feel like playing a game of Jenga in your cabinet. Plus, you can use it upright or on its side.

Promising review: "I was tired of stacking my frying pans on top of each other and was looking for something to both organize my pans and give me easy access to them. Before this organizer, I would have to unstack several pans in order to get to the middle pan that I needed. Now, I can just reach in and immediately get the frying pan that I need without having to unstack. The quality of this organizer is pretty good." — Linda

Get it from Amazon for $15.97+ (available in two colors).

RS Recommends: 15 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Kitchen For Under $40

These budget-friendly tools and gadgets will help streamline everything from weeknight dinners, to meal prep.

Sage Anderson

Sage Anderson's Most Recent Stories

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

There are some essential kitchen appliances that are really worth splurging on, like a good stand mixer, a multipurpose toaster oven, or an espresso maker if you can’t live without that cup of joe. Kitchen gadgets can get pricey fast (and fill up valuable counter space), but incorporating a couple cooking accessories into your kitchen can streamline your meal-prepping process without breaking the bank.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on something that might wind up in a cabinet in a few months, or you’re a home cook that’s looking for an upgrade, we’ve found 15 essential kitchen gadgets all under $40. Our top picks will help you chop veggies, brew coffee fast, build a hot sandwich, grill and griddle indoors, and whip up desserts like a pro.

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While we know that “unitaskers” (a term coined by Alton Brown for single-use kitchen gear, most likely something that can be done with a knife alone) get a bad rap, we’ve selected accessories that will elevate the food you probably cook the most, or handy tools that will be a serious help for cooking and baking.

Note: All of the accessories below were under $40 when we compiled this list, but it&rsquos possible their price may fluctuate a bit over time.

1. Nicewell Digital Food Scale

If you’re serious about getting precise measurements for baking (or even very specific recipes, like souffles), you’ll appreciate this 9 x 13 inch scale from Nicewell. It has a whopping 22 lb. capacity, which is more than most digital scales can handle, with a function that subtracts the weight of the scale itself so you’ll get an exact readout every time. As a bonus, the sleek, stainless steel finish and backlit LED display will look good on any counter space.

2. KRUPS Simply Brew 5-Cup Coffee Maker

The KRUPS Simply Brew 5-Cup Coffee Maker is designed to streamline your morning routine, delivering a great cup of coffee while you multitask. It features an easy to fill water tank, and a sturdy 5-cup glass coffee pot with a pause function that lets you pour yourself a cup, and then continue brewing the rest of the pot. The coffee maker also has an automatic &ldquoKeep Warm&rdquo function that keeps your coffee warm after brewing.

3. Crock-Pot 7-Quart Slow Cooker

Crock-Pot’s 7-Quart Slow Cooker is for anyone who wants simple, one-pot meals without a lot of bells and whistles. The spacious manual slow cooker serves 9+ people, fitting 7 lbs. of food, which makes it great for large families or anyone who wants to get meal prep done for the week. The digital display lets you cook meals in 30 minutes to up to 20 hours, with “high” and “low” temperature options and a convenient “Keep Warm” setting.

4. THAT Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife and Spreader

Anyone who’s ever tried to spread butter straight out of a cold fridge knows that it’s a pain. That Inventions Spread That Serrated Warming Butter Knife and Spreader is a game-changer, with a super-efficient copper core that carries the warmth from the palm of your hand to the edge of the blade, softening the butter for an easier spread. The serrated edge can also shave off fine curls of butter straight onto your toast, but it also works well with jams, garlic butter, peanut butter, cheese, icing and more.

5. PUR Faucet Water Filter System

If you’re going to buy the best quality ingredients to make your meals, why shouldn’t your water be just good? This PUR drinking water faucet filtration system claims to reduce over 70 contaminants, including lead, mercury and certain pesticides, even 10x more contaminants than a Brita pitcher. Enjoy cleaner, filtered water straight from your faucet with the easy to attach mounted filter, which is compatible with most faucets.

6. BLACK+DECKER Family-Sized Electric Griddle

Whipping up big Sunday breakfasts can be easier with this electric griddle from Black+Decker, which has 200 square inches of cooking space, all weighing in at a compact five pounds. The cooking surface of the griddle itself reaches 400 degrees, with a built-in warming tray so items like bacon and ham stay crisp while the rest of of the meal is cooking. The entire griddle is dishwasher-safe, including a removable drip tray.

7. Prep Naturals Glass Meal Prep Containers

This five-pack of 36 ounce meal prep containers are easy stack, dishwasher safe, and big enough to store your whole lunch in, so you can make big batches of food in advance. Because they’re made from durable glass, you can directly pop them in an oven or microwave to reheat them up, or freeze them if you’re meal prepping for the whole week. “SmartestLock” locking lid technology also means there won’t be any spills, so you can throw these in a work or gym bag and head straight out the door.

8. Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker

A rice cooker can be more versatile than you think, so whether you’re in the mood for a hearty chili, steamed veggies, or even a delicious cake, you can tackle it all with Aroma Housewares 8-Cup Digital Rice Cooker. It features six unique functions, including four digital pre-sets (with instructions for cooking grains like quinoa and barley), and an automatic “Keep Warm” mode when the cooking is finished. Save time cooking with a delay timer you can set up to 15 hours in advance, and the built-in steamer that can work while any rice, soup, or other meal simultaneously cooks on a separate level.

9. Saferell Instant Read Meat Thermometer

Prevent getting any dreaded undercooked proteins with this compact, lightweight digital meat thermometer, which will give you an accurate temp reading in two to three seconds flat. With a large backlight screen, it lets you see the temp clearly both in dim kitchen light and the bright outdoors. You’ll get tender, well-seared meat with a reading from the 4.6-inch long probe, but it works just as well for reading fried foods since it can also handle heat up to 572°F.

10. Hamilton Beach 6-Speed Electric Hand Mixer

Hamilton’s compact electric hand mixer can easily whip cream, mix dough, and make meringue without the bulk of other, heavier stand mixer models. With 250 watts of power, it comes with six speeds, including a “QuickBurst” function similar to a blender. A built-in groove lets you rest the hand mixer over the bowl, so your batter won’t drip all over your countertop. All the whisk and beater attachments fold up into a snap-on carry case.

11. Cuisinart Pizza Grilling Set

Cuisinart’s Pizza Grilling set gives you all the tools you need to make perfectly charred pizzeria-quality pies at home, without having to shell out for a specialty oven. The set includes a 13-inch cordierite pizza stone, a pizza peel that folds up for easy storage, and stainless steel pizza cutter. The stone is designed to be used on all kinds of grills, from propane, to charcoal and pellet grills, so you can always get that smoke-flavored crust.

12. Magic Bullet Blender 11-Piece Set

The Magic Bullet proves you don’t need a hefty blender to make meals and snacks like smoothies, omelets, sauces and dips. Small but mighty, just load your ingredients into the cup, twist on the blade, then get to chopping or blending with the 200-watt blender. The 11-piece set includes the blender, additional blender cups, blades, and a recipe book.

13. Dash Rapid Egg Cooker

Dash’s Rapid Egg Cooker is like your ultimate brunch companion, with the ability to make soft, medium, and hard-boiled eggs in addition to poaching, scrambling, and omelette-making. Compact and lightweight at just 1 lb., you can cook up to six eggs at a time, and can poach two eggs with the separate poaching tray. An auto-shut off function also prevents overcooking.

14. Hamilton Beach Panini Press

Want to make hot, satisfying sandwiches that come out with a crispy crust every time? Hamilton Beach is the gold standard of these kinds of griddles and sandwich presses, and their original model does not disappoint. With 95 square inches of nonstick surface on the top and bottom grill plates, the hot sandwich maker will cook most meals in 10 minutes or less. Fat drips away into the dishwasher safe, slide-out drip tray.

15. Fullstar Vegetable Chopper and Spiralizer

Sure you could always use your kitchen knives, but if you don’t have stellar knife skills yet, than this Fullstar Vegetable Chopper and Spiralizer is a great helper. The built-in chop lid lets you cut foods directly into the 1.2 L collection tray without the mess of a knife and cutting board. The 7-piece set comes with four interchangeable blades that snap in and out, so you can cut and spiralize produce with ease.

19 Kitchen Tools Every Home Cook Needs

We’re the first to admit that the kitchen industry has gotten a little out of control, with gadgets and gizmos for just about everything (avocado slicer, we’re looking at you). Whether you’re setting up a kitchen from scratch or going through a much-needed feng shui attack, here’s what you actuallyneed.

1. A chef’s knife. No, you don’t need the $800 knife. Yes, you do need a decent one from a reputable brand. Sharpen it regularly and you’re on your way to culinary bliss.

2. A paring knife. For more delicate tasks, like peeling apples and chopping garlic.

3. A heavy, wooden cutting board. Carnivores, make sure to get two--one for meat and one for veggies.

4. A stand mixer. You’ll use it for everything from kneading bread to whipping cream to mixing up a last-minute batch of cookie dough. (Plus, it comes in so many fun colors!)

5. A food processor. Anything that gives us freshly made hummus or five-minute pesto is essential in our books.

6. A hand-juicer. For cocktails, or for adding a hint of lemon to almost any recipe.

8. A Dutch oven. The most versatile pot in the whole entire world, this guy can go on the stove or in the oven.

9. A stockpot. Hey, you’re gonna want to make pasta at some point, right?

10. A slow cooker. Those 1960s housewives were onto something.

11. An immersion blender. This handy little guy is great for any kind of pureed soup or vegetable--without taking up precious counter real estate.

12. Tongs. Your secret weapon when it comes to turning meats and veggies.

13. A box grater. Cheese, lemon zest, nutmeg….you get the idea.

14. Measuring cups and spoons. Even if you’re one of those improvisational cooks who lives by a pinch here and a pinch there.

15. Wire-mesh colanders. Bonus points for doubling as a strainer when you want to get fancy with sauces and things.

16. Rubber spatulas. For stirring and turning (and licking, when covered in chocolate).

17. A Silpat baking mat. We𠆝 like to kiss the inventors of these genius mats, which basically function as washable parchment paper. Use them to line your baking sheets, or on the counter to roll out dough without making a mess.

18. Digital instant-read thermometer. You can poke and prod all you want, but the best way to know if your meat is done is by taking its temperature.

19. Baking sheets. How else are you going to make your Christmas cookies?

40 Genius Kitchen Gadgets You Never Knew You Needed Until Right Now

We would just like to apologize to your wallet in advance.

We are total suckers for cool kitchen gadgets and gizmos. However, fun does not always have to mean frivolous. From an automatic pan stirrer that gives sore wrists a break to a singing pasta timer for perfectly al dente noodles every time, the kitchen gadgets we found below are quite literally game changers for home cooks.

Whether you're looking for a funny conversation starter or a time-saving tool that'll make cooking at home way more enjoyable, these kitchen gadgets are actually useful in addition to being delightfully quirky. Scroll through our picks, and remember that cooking should be fun.

It's happened to all of us &mdash we try to cut the kernels off the cob and they end up rolling off our cutting board all over the counter. A week later, we find little pieces of corn hiding behind our coffee makers. Don't be that guy. This corn stripper quickly and easily separates your kernels from the cob without making a mess.

An Instant Pot cooks a quick meal—but not as fast as you think

There’s a lot of hype around how easy it is to make fast meals using your pressure cooker. There are even claims that it can cook spaghetti squash in 15 minutes—without even cutting into it first. With a slow cooker, you have to wake up early to meal prep first thing in the morning in order to make sure everything is ready by dinnertime.

With the Instant Pot, I don’t have to plan that far ahead. I can cook a pot roast in about an hour after work. However, that “hour” is a little misleading in most recipes: what people don’t usually tell you is that you have to wait for your Instant Pot to heat up and come to pressure before that cook time begins.

According to Instant Pot Recipes, it can take up to 25 minutes for your IP to get to pressure. Some recipes also require a natural pressure release once it’s finished cooking, which can take up to 30 more minutes. But for fast-cooking vegetables like broccoli and corn. Instant Pot recommends the quick release, which takes under a minute.

There&rsquos Only One Kitchen Knife You Really Need

Right now, at this very second, someone in the world is about to purchase a 16-piece knife set for someone that they love. But if they really, truly loved this person, they would pause, consider the action they were about to take, and put away their method of payment.

You see, we home cooks can&rsquot stand clutter in the kitchen. Clutter breeds confusion. Clutter impedes cooking efficiency. Clutter means more things that we have to maintain, clean, and store.

This is why every time you gift us a Star Trek pizza cutter, a pair of onion goggles, or pretty much anything on lists like these, we tend to do that thing where we force a smile and say &ldquoOh cool, this is so cool,&rdquo and secretly wonder to whom we can promptly re-gift this ultimately useless piece of cooking crap.

And this sentiment is especially true&mdashand perhaps most powerfully intense&mdashwhen it comes to the 16-piece knife set. To give you a fuller picture, here&rsquos what goes through our heads when we unwrap the thing.

Holy f*ck, Aunt Edna. Here I am thinking, by the size of the box, that you were giving me a leg of Jamón Ibérico. But now, instead of being in possession of wondrous amounts of impeccable pork, I own a cheese knife, a bread knife, something called a utility knife, two pairing knives, and&mdashoh, no way&mdasheight steak knives? When the hell am I going to have eight people over for steaks? The only way I would be able to afford that scenario is if I somehow re-sell this $800 set for full price to some schlub who doesn&rsquot understand that 90 percent of these knives are completely useless. And now I&rsquom feeling terrible, because you&rsquore so well-intentioned, Aunt Enda, and always generous, but so, so, so, so, so, so misguided.

You only need one knife in the kitchen, really, and that knife is a chef&rsquos knife.

A chef's knife can cut pizza. A chef's knife can slice through onions quickly so that you won't have to humiliate yourself by donning goggles. A chef&rsquos knife can cut cheese (surprise!). A chef&rsquos knife, if it&rsquos sharp enough, can slice through bread with ease. A chef&rsquos knife is a utility knife.

Okay, yes, a pairing knife is handy for little kitchen tasks, such as removing the stem nub out of a tomato or peeling the rind off citrus, but a chef&rsquos knife can perform these jobs, too, if not in slightly different ways.

You also don&rsquot need different sizes of knives. There&rsquos no reason to own an 8-inch chef&rsquos knife and a 6-inch chef&rsquos knife if an 8-inch chef&rsquos knife feels more comfortable in your hand. You don&rsquot need a 4-inch utility knife and a 3-inch utility knife because you don&rsquot need whatever the hell a utility knife is.

You also absolutely don&rsquot need that giant honking knife block that comes with the set either. To use home cooks, countertop space is vital and knife blocks are like cookie jars, microwaves, and other one-trick-pony cooking gadgets in that they gobble up vital prep space.

Watch the video: Πως να φτιάξετε εύκολα σούσι στο σπίτι. How to make sushi easy at home (December 2021).