Steamed Potatoes with Butter and Garlic

Steamed Potatoes with Butter and Garlic


  1. Water 2 cups
  2. Optional young potato (small size)
  3. Butter optional
  4. Garlic to taste
  5. Salt to taste
  • Main ingredients


Double boiler


Step 1: prepare the potatoes.

Rinse and dry the potatoes. Make cross cuts crosswise, but without cutting to the end.
Soften the butter at room temperature and mix it with salt and grated or minced garlic.
With the resulting mass, start the potatoes by putting the oil inside the cuts.
In addition, salt the potatoes on top.

Step 2: steam the potatoes with butter and garlic.

Pour water into a double boiler, lay the wire rack on top and lay the potatoes on the wire rack already. Cover and put on fire (or turn it on if you have an electric one).
Wait until the water begins to boil and the pressure under the cover is strong enough so that the valve starts to release excess steam.
Pinpoint 15 minutes.
Then remove from heat (turn off the double boiler) and let off steam. Open the lid and serve cooked potatoes!

Step 3: serve the steamed potatoes with butter and garlic.

Steamed potatoes with butter and garlic are served as a side dish and as a great appetizer.
Enjoy your meal!