Cheese cakes with kefir and feta cheese

Cheese cakes with kefir and feta cheese


  1. Flour 2 cups (200 ml)
  2. Kefir 1 cup
  3. Cheese 100 g
  4. Brynza 150 g
  5. Sugar 0.5 tsp
  6. Salt 0.5 tsp
  7. Soda 0.5 tsp
  8. Sunflower oil to taste
  • Main ingredients: Cheese, Flour


rolling pin, pan, grater,


In kefir add soda, salt and sugar. Shuffle.

Add the grated cheese and mix again.

Gradually adding flour, knead the dough. First with a spatula, then with your hands.

Form a kolobok from the dough and set aside for five minutes.

Grate cheese with a fine grater.

Divide the dough into 8 equal parts.

Roll out each piece very thinly. Sprinkle with cheese.

Fold the edges in the form of an envelope, then fold the corners again to the center.

Roll the finished cake again.

So cook all the cakes.

Preheat the pan. Pour in oil and put in a cake. Fry on both sides until golden brown.

We quickly take the finished stack with tortillas to the TV and eat up while watching our favorite movie)). Enjoy your meal.
See how to cook such cakes in the video. THANKS.