Mango-mango cake with cream ice cream

Mango-mango cake with cream ice cream


Mango biscuit

  1. eggs 5 pcs. (250 gr.)
  2. icing sugar 80 g
  3. fresh mango puree 150 g
  4. flour 150 g
  5. corn starch 25 g

Cream ice cream

  1. sour cream 20% 400 g.
  2. sugar 100 g
  3. eggs 2 pcs.
  4. corn starch 30 g
  5. good butter 150 g


  1. ripe juicy mangoes 2 pcs.
  • Main IngredientsMango
  • Serving 8 servings


Cooking a biscuit. In a bowl, mix eggs and icing sugar and beat until lush, thick white mass for about 10 minutes. Add the mango puree and mix gently.

Add a mixture of dry ingredients (flour, starch, baking powder) and mix gently. We shift the dough into a greased form and send it to the oven.

Cooking cream. In a saucepan, mix sour cream with eggs, add sugar and corn starch, mix and send to the stove in a water bath, brew the cream for about 6 minutes. Cool the cream. In a bowl, beat the room temperature oil into a lush mass and add the cream in portions, mix well.

Mango cut into cubes. The biscuit is cut into three layers.

We spread part of the cream on the biscuit, distribute the mango slices evenly, and close it with the next biscuit. Grease the cake with cream on top, cool and serve for tea) Bon appetit!)