Bitter mushrooms. Pickle and preserve

Bitter mushrooms. Pickle and preserve


  1. bitter mushrooms to taste
  2. salt to taste
  3. sugar to taste
  4. black pepper peas to taste
  5. bay leaf to taste
  6. cloves to taste
  7. allspice to taste
  8. coriander to taste
  9. 9% vinegar to taste
  • Main Ingredients Mushrooms
  • Portion 9 liter cans
  • World Cuisine


half liter cans, iron lids, seaming machine, large pan


Collect mushrooms, wash from sand in a sink. Then boil the bitter in slightly salted water for 20 minutes. Change the water in the mushrooms and let them soak for a day, changing the water every 3 to 4 hours until all the bitterness comes out of the mushrooms. We taste the mushrooms, and when they become fresh they can be pickled. We prepare the marinade (which depends on the number of mushrooms): for 1 liter of water we put 10 peas of black pepper, 1 tbsp. a spoonful of sugar, 2 tbsp. tablespoons of salt, 4 bay leaves, 10 cloves, 20 peas of coriander, 5 peas of allspice, 100 ml of 9% vinegar. First, add all the ingredients to the marinade, except for vinegar and boil for 20 minutes, then add vinegar and mushrooms and boil for another 10 minutes.
Ready pickled bitters put it in prepared jars, pour marinade on top, roll up and wrap until it cools completely. In winter, we eat mushrooms with pleasure! Enjoy your meal!