Broccoli Cream Soup

Broccoli Cream Soup


  1. Broccoli 800 gr
  2. Carrot 1 pc
  3. Bow 1 pc
  4. Cream 15% 100 ml
  5. Butter 3 tbsp
  6. Flour 2 tbsp
  7. Olive oil to taste
  8. 1/4 tsp chili flakes
  9. Baguette 1 pc
  10. Vegetable or chicken broth to taste
  • Main Ingredients Broccoli




Cut onions and carrots coarsely. Broccoli divided into inflorescences. Heat 3 tbsp in a saucepan. l butter. Fry the onions with carrots in a saucepan with butter until the onions are transparent. Add broccoli. Add 2 tbsp. l flour and fry vegetables, stirring, 1 minute. Pour the broth into a saucepan. Cook until soft broccoli.
Cut the loaf into pieces, cut the crust, cut the bread into cubes. Pour the sliced ​​bread cubes into a bowl, add pepper, salt, flakes of chili pepper, sprinkle with olive oil. Stir. Put bread on a baking sheet and put in a preheated oven to turn into crackers.
Add salt, pepper, cream to the cooked vegetables. Turn everything into a vegetable soup using a blender. Lay the broccoli cream soup on plates, put the crackers on top.