Baked Eggplant and Pepper Salad

Baked Eggplant and Pepper Salad


For salad:

  1. sweet pepper 1 kg
  2. eggplant 500 gr
  3. greens (parsley) a small bunch

For refueling:

  1. olive oil 3 tbsp
  2. salt 1 tsp no slide or to taste
  3. garlic 3 cloves
  4. vinegar 9% (or lemon juice) 1 tsp
  5. juice from peppers 3 tbsp
  • Main ingredients: Eggplant, Pepper, Garlic, Greens


baking sheet, pan, cutting board, knife, fork, baking paper


I washed the sweet pepper and eggplant, dried it and spread it on a baking sheet covered with baking paper. I pierced the aubergines in several places with a fork, so that when baking they do not burst. I put a baking sheet with vegetables in an oven preheated to 220 degrees and I will bake peppers for 20 minutes, and eggplant for about 40 minutes, the baking time of eggplant depends on their size. At the same time, the peel of the pepper in the baking process should blacken in some places.
I remove the baked pepper from the baking sheet, put it in a pan and cover it with a lid, leave them to stand for several minutes so that the peppers are steamed, and it was easier to peel them.

I take out the baked eggplants from the oven, let them cool slightly and, while they are still hot, free them from the stalk and peel. In my opinion, hot eggplant is easier to clean.

Now I clean the peppers. Above the pan in which they are located, I pierce them with a knife so that the liquid flows out of them into the pan, and not on a cutting board. I put the pepper on a cutting board and release it from the peel, stalk and seed core.

While the vegetables are cooling, I’ll prepare a fragrant dressing. In a bowl I mix olive oil, salt, finely chopped garlic, vinegar 9% (can be replaced with lemon juice), the juice from the peppers from the pan where they lay, and mix everything. Refueling is ready.

I cut the pepper and eggplant, put them in a bowl, add chopped greens to them (I have parsley) and water them with fragrant dressing. I mix everything, cover the bowl and leave the vegetables to stand for at least 2 hours so that the vegetables can be infused, soaked in juices and aromas. I mix them periodically.

When served on top of a salad for decoration, you can sprinkle with sesame seeds. This salad is very tasty in both warm and cold. It can be served as an independent dish, and as an addition to the side dish, and as a snack.

A video recipe for cooking can be seen above. Cook with me! Good appetite!