Overview of various seaweed salads

Overview of various seaweed salads

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  1. Far Eastern salad of seaweed 220 gr. Producer: Serpukhov district, Moscow region
  2. Far Eastern salad of seaweed 220 gr. Producer: Sea Power, Ryazan
  3. Far Eastern salad of seaweed 220 gr. Manufacturer: Dobroflot, Nakhodka
  4. Far Eastern salad of seaweed 220 gr. Manufacturer: Novosibirsk
  5. Natural seaweed salad with oil 250 g. Producer: "Breeze" Tomsk
  • Main Ingredients Seaweed
  • World Cuisine


Sea kale is a very useful food product from kelp brown algae, because It contains iodine and a large amount of vitamins and minerals. Before processing, seaweed is thoroughly washed in sea water from sand and other contaminants, cut off rhizoids and petioles and treated with disinfectants. Seaweed salad is easy to prepare, it is stored for a long time, it contains a rich set of chemical elements necessary for the body. But questions always arise, whether there is a lot, or there are vitamins left after processing in the purchased jar, what is the appearance and taste of seaweed salad. What is seaweed salad canned in a tin can, or cabbage, which is in a vinegar-oil filling in a transparent plastic jar. Let's try to analyze several types of seaweed salad bought in a nearby store. We carefully watch the video, draw conclusions and objectively evaluate the purchased salads.


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