DIY moonshine

DIY moonshine


  • Main ingredients

So, we create a simple and effective moonshine from a pressure cooker.

And also we make mash for making real sugar moonshine.

If you do it right, you will get a very pleasant and harmonious drink, without unnecessary chemistry and additives. Drinking it is fun, especially when a good company is going!


So, let's get started ...

For the manufacture of the apparatus we need a pressure cooker and a hose.

Insert a suitable diameter hose into the pressure cooker valve. The moonshine is ready!

The design is working, but unreliable.

We are improving. We unscrew the valve, insert the hose. Insert a wedge-shaped spacer into the hose.

Now do the mash:

For 25 - 30 liters of water we take 6 kilograms of sugar, 70 grams of dried yeast and a couple of drops of olive oil.

We put a water lock and provide a constant temperature of 27 degrees.

Two weeks later, we start driving. About this and about filtering in the second part, which will be released very soon. Subscribe to my channel so as not to miss. I will be very pleased to see you again.