Do-it-yourself moonshine still. Part two. Distill and filter

Do-it-yourself moonshine still. Part two. Distill and filter


  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 10 Servings

If you do everything right, you will get a very pleasant and harmonious drink, without unnecessary chemistry and additives. Drinking it is fun, especially when a good company is going!


Fill the mash in the machine. We close. Bring to a boil.

Separate the muddy liquid, which comes first. These are fusel oils. They give an unpleasant smell and a heavy hangover.

Now we rearrange the tube in the main tank, and continue the process. When there is less than 40% alcohol in the stream, according to the classics, the process is stopped. I bring up to 15% alcohol.

The resulting product is distilled repeatedly.

As a result, we get moonshine with a strength of about 70%.

Dilute with water to 50%, and begin to filter.

Add about 10-15 ml. milk per liter of product. Shake well.

Pour the suspension into the coffee filter. We are waiting for a completely transparent stream to go. We rearrange the funnel in the main tank and continue filtering.

Enjoy a clean, harmonious and very pleasant drink!

“Alcohol, in small doses, is harmless in any quantities!” M. Zhvanetsky.

From the obtained “raw materials” it is very simple to make “homemade cognac”, “homemade whiskey”, or other homemade drinks, but more about that ...

About it in the third part. I will be very pleased to see you again!