Gentle cheesecakes with semolina in the oven

Gentle cheesecakes with semolina in the oven


  1. Curd 300 g
  2. Semolina 80 g.
  3. Sour cream 180 g
  4. Sugar 70 g.
  5. Eggs 3 pcs.
  6. Vanillin 1.5 g.
  7. Dough baking powder 1 tsp.
  8. Salt 0.5 tsp
  • Main ingredients: Cottage cheese, Sour cream, Semka, Sugar
  • Serving 4 servings


silicone molds, blender, bowl, spoon, electric oven


We send the whole cottage cheese to a large bowl. There we add eggs, sugar and sour cream. Mix everything with a hand blender. Then add semolina, salt, baking powder, vanillin to the resulting mass. We alter everything well. Now we leave it for 20-30 minutes to make the semolina swell. We mix our dough a little and put it in silicone cupcake tins. We bake for 20-25 minutes at a temperature of 175 degrees. Our cheesecakes are ready! I advise all of you to cook such cheesecakes, you certainly will not be disappointed.