Aerial meringue for the holiday

Aerial meringue for the holiday


  1. Protein from 2 eggs.
  2. Sugar 140 gr.
  3. Water 40 ml.l.
  4. Citric acid 1 pinch.
  5. Powdered sugar 1 tsp with a slide.
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Lemon, Sugar
  • Serving 10 Servings


scales, oven, large bowl, spatula, baking tray, bowl, mixer, tablespoon.


Step-by-step recipe for making meringue: We prepare the ingredients necessary for making meringue. From two eggs at room temperature we take two proteins whose weight is 73 grams, since we need twice as much sugar, we measure 148 grams. The next step is to correctly measure the water, which in our recipe will be 1/4 of the amount of sugar. We took 40 ml. necessarily hot water to make syrup faster. Pour water into a stewpan, pour sugar and put on a hot plate, at a temperature slightly more than average and stir until syrup boils. When the syrup begins to boil, measure its temperature, then transfer the protein to a large bowl and begin to beat with a mixer at low speeds to saturate the protein with oxygen. To prepare the meringue, all the accessories necessary for this should be fat-free, clean and dry. For a more stable protein and a beautiful white color adding to the syrup a small pinch citric acid. Continuing to whip the protein, we carefully add the prepared syrup to it. The syrup is prepared in two different ways, for this carefully watch our video. We should whisk the meringue until it cools down to about half, to forty degrees. When you cook meringue, the degree of whipping is necessary to solid peaks, since proteins whipped to solid peaks will no longer increase much in the oven and will keep their shape best. For a denser, filled, shape-holding meringue, add one teaspoon with a hill of powdered sugar and beat for another two minutes until the mass is thickened completely. Turn on the oven and heat it at 100 degrees. We insert the cupcake nozzle into the pastry bag and fill it with the prepared cream, leaving a little for decoration. On the baking sheet covered with baking paper from the pastry bag we make peculiar daisies. In the remaining meringue, add a drop of dye, which is added to the protein and mix well. Fill the pastry bag with the colored meringue and apply on top of the white chamomile. We put the baking sheet in the oven and lowering the temperature to 65-70 degrees in a convection oven, bake the meringues for two hours. We should not get the meringues immediately from the oven, let it cool in it without opening it. We cook it deliciously, just cook it, prepare the meringues for dessert at home together! Bon appetit to all!