Cheesecakes are lush and tender like a cloud

Cheesecakes are lush and tender like a cloud


  1. Cottage cheese with a fat content of 5% 400 gr
  2. Egg 1 pc.
  3. Flour 1 tbsp (maybe more depending on the humidity of the curd and the weight of the egg)
  4. Sugar 2 tbsp
  5. Vanilla Sugar 10g
  • Main ingredients
  • Serving 3 servings


blender, bowl, pan, spoon, spatula


Step 1: Step-by-step video recipe.

1. Kill the cottage cheese and eggs with a blender into a homogeneous mass.

2. Add a pinch of salt and flour. If the dough holds its shape well, then 1 tbsp is enough. tablespoons of flour. If the dough is still liquid and does not stick, add some more flour. The last to add sugar and vanilla sugar, because it provokes the separation of moisture from cottage cheese. Stir the dough well. Form 9-10 balls.

3. Dust the surface with flour and form cheesecakes with your hands.

4. Fry in a mixture of butter and vegetable oil until golden brown 3-4 minutes on each side over moderate heat. You can cover it so that the cheesecakes bake well inside.

5. Put the finished cottage cheese pancakes on a paper towel so that the excess fat is absorbed. Serve cheese cakes with your favorite sauces, sour cream, jam, honey, etc.