Simple oven cakes

Simple oven cakes


  1. Millet (rice) 150 gr.
  2. Cottage cheese 300 gr.
  3. Eggs 3 pcs.
  4. Hard cheese 150 gr.
  5. Flour 150 gr.
  6. Lemon pepper 1/2 tsp
  7. Soda 1/3 tsp
  8. Green onion 2 bunches
  9. Salt to taste
  10. Black pepper to taste
  11. Butter 30 gr.
  • Main IngredientsMillet and Wheat


bowl, spoon, baking paper


1) Boil millet, rice or any other cereal (buckwheat, oatmeal, barley, wheat, barley, corn grits) until fully cooked, it is better to digest a little than not to boil and completely cool. Ready porridge should turn out 600 gr.

Note that the taste of the selected cereals will be felt in the finished cakes. The most neutral taste in rice. I use millet, its taste is slightly palpable.

2) In a bowl, combine the cooled millet porridge, cottage cheese, eggs, grated hard cheese, chopped green onions, soda, flour, salt, black pepper and lemon pepper. Mix well. Premium flour can be replaced with whole grain flour.

3) Distribute on a baking sheet lined with good quality parchment paper so that the finished cakes are well behind the parchment. Bake in the oven, preheated to 180 * C, at an average level, with convection function for 20-25 minutes, the top should be slightly browned. Do not overtake in the oven so that the cakes do not become very dry. Such cakes can only be fried in a pan of a small size so that it is convenient to turn over and they do not break.

4) Grease the hot cakes with butter and cut into portioned pieces. Very soft, tender, satisfying and very mouth-watering! It is best to eat them in the heat of the heat, but even after cooling, they remain soft and tasty. Enjoy your meal!