Chicken Leather Chips

Chicken Leather Chips


  • Main Ingredients Chicken
  • Serving 4 servings


Salt and pepper.

I took flakes of red hot pepper.

Flakes, because they burn less when fried, and to create uneven taste. To be present islands of sharpness ...


Nevertheless, there should be islands, and not one big bomb of sharpness.

Put on the grill.

Here is the first important point.

The pan or grill must first be warmed up well, otherwise the skin may even stick to the Teflon coating.


Second moment.

It is necessary to fry quite strongly.

If you do not finish it, then the chips will either remain soft, or they will be hard as a blotter.

We cut.

The last important point.

Need to cut instantly!

That is, still very hot skin, immediately after being fried.

Otherwise, it becomes incredibly fragile and breaks.

I spent about ten seconds cleaning the induction furnace, and you see the result. The chips managed to cool and became very fragile.


You can eat such chips as an independent dish, but you can enrich and decorate them, for example, a Kiev patty.

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