Tender and juicy stewed meat

Tender and juicy stewed meat


  1. pork 1 kg
  2. onions 3 pcs.
  3. garlic 2 cloves
  4. bay leaves 2 pcs.
  5. salt 1 tsp
  6. pepper to taste
  7. half a glass of water
  • Main Ingredients


Cooking method:

1. Cut the meat into medium slices.

2. Put in a saucepan and simmer under the lid over low heat.

3. The meat will let water, add salt and pepper. Shuffle, add bay leaf. Continue simmering under a lid until the water evaporates.

4. Onion cut into quarter rings. Grind the garlic.

5. When the water has boiled completely, add half a glass of water and continue to simmer over low heat under the lid, stirring occasionally.

6. When the water is reduced by half, add onions and garlic. Shuffle. Continue to simmer until there is little water left.

Stewed meat is ready. Bon Appetit everyone!