Burek with meat

Burek with meat


  1. puff yeast dough 500 gr
  2. minced meat 500 gr
  3. onions 1 pc
  4. salt 0.5 tsp
  5. egg 1 pc.
  6. vegetable oil 1 tbsp
  7. pepper to taste
  • Main ingredients


Cooking method:

1. Chop the onions finely.

2. Add the onion to the minced meat. Salt and pepper. Mix everything thoroughly. You can use any stuffing. I have pork and beef.

3. Defrost the dough and roll it very thinly to make a large and long layer.

4. Spread minced meat with a thin and even layer over the entire surface of the dough.

5. Carefully twist the dough with minced meat into a roll and lay it in the shape of a snail, twisting in a spiral starting from the center.

6. Lubricate the baking dish with vegetable oil and put the burek. Shake the egg with a pinch of salt with a fork and grease the entire surface of our mince pie.

7. Put in a preheated oven for 35-40 minutes at a temperature of 200 degrees.

8. Cover the cooked and hot burek with a towel for 10 minutes.

Awesome tasty pie made from yeast dough with minced meat is ready! Bon Appetit everyone!