Juicy biscuit cake "Lamington"

Juicy biscuit cake "Lamington"



  1. eggs 4 pcs.
  2. flour 125 g (I have whole grains)
  3. butter 15 g.

For filing

  1. chocolate 75% 80 g.
  2. cream 20% 120 g.
  3. coconut flakes to taste
  • Main Ingredients Eggs, Cocoa and Chocolate
  • Serving 4 servings


Beat eggs until lush, dense mass for about 10 minutes. Sift the flour and mix gently with movements from the bottom up, add melted butter. You can also cook a biscuit according to your favorite recipe.) I send in the oven preheated to 190ะก for 25 minutes.

Ready and cooled biscuit cut into cubes.

Cream and crushed chocolate are melted on the stove. Dip each cube of biscuit into the melted chocolate mass, and roll in coconut.

The cake is ready, it turns out very juicy and aromatic.) I wish you a pleasant appetite!)