The most bewitching dessert "Grandma Nyagre"

The most bewitching dessert "Grandma Nyagre"


  1. Eggs 10 pcs.
  2. Wheat flour 300 gr
  3. Sugar 300 gr
  4. Vegetable oil 200 gr
  5. Kefir 300 gr
  6. Milk 500 gr
  7. Soda 1 tbsp
  8. Vodka 2 tbsp
  • Main Ingredients


1. Sift the flour, add soda, sugar and vegetable oil, mix well.

2. Pour kefir, mix, then milk and also mix. Add vodka, mix. It is believed that vodka helps to remove the taste and smell of soda.

3. Beat eggs in dense foam, with my mixer I beat for 15 minutes. Beating eggs is very important for this dessert.

4. Gently introduce the eggs into the mixture, trying to maintain airiness.

5. Bake only in thick-walled dishes, otherwise the dessert will simply burn! Grease the mold with butter. Pour the prepared mass into it. We put in the oven warmed up to 200 degrees and bake for 90 minutes, then reduce the temperature to 100 degrees and bake for another 90 minutes. We do not get the finished dessert out of the oven for at least 30 minutes, but it is better to leave it in the oven until it cools completely.

6. Ready dessert cut into cubes.