Salmon and Cheese Puff Salad

Salmon and Cheese Puff Salad


  1. salmon 300 grams;
  2. hard cheese 70 grams;
  3. eggs 3 pcs.;
  4. tomatoes 2 pcs.;
  5. dill a few twigs;
  6. mayonnaise 20 grams.
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 4 servings


board, knife, bowl, dish, salad ring.


Prepare all the ingredients: boil and cool the eggs, if you use salted fish, you can salt it in advance. Cut the finished eggs in half, separate the proteins from the yolks and rub them separately on a fine grater. Cheese also grate. Smoked salmon (I used salmon belly) to separate from the skin and disassemble into small fibers. Free the tomatoes from the liquid and seeds and cut into small cubes.
We begin to form a salad. We take a flat dish and set the form for the salad. If you do not have a similar shape, you can simply lay the salad in layers. The amount of ingredients is given on a form with a diameter of 16 cm. The first layer is laid smoked salmon, it is quite greasy, so this layer is not lubricated with mayonnaise. On top of the salmon we put the yolks, grated on a fine grater, and apply the mayonnaise net. We put the third tomato layer on the yolks and also apply the mayonnaise net, this layer can also be salted. The fourth layer - cheese - worn on a fine grater cheese is placed on top of tomatoes, apply mayonnaise net. And the last, fifth, layer - squirrels, grated on a fine grater - we also grease with mayonnaise and send the salad to the refrigerator to infuse for half an hour.
After the specified time, we remove the form from the finished salad and decorate it as desired.
If you use salted salmon, you can make a rose out of it, since I used smoked salmon, then decorated the salad with slices of tomato and dill.

Puff salad with smoked salmon, tomatoes, eggs and cheese ready! See the video for a more detailed process of preparing and decorating salad. Enjoy your meal!