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Watermelon lemonade

Watermelon lemonade


  1. Watermelon 1/4 pcs. (medium)
  2. Lemon 1 pc. (juice)
  3. Honey 2 tbsp
  4. Ice 8-12 cubes
  5. Fresh mint several leaves
  • Main ingredients


blender knife


Step 1: mix the ingredients.

For convenience, cut the pulp of watermelon into cubes, fold in a blender. Divide the washed lemon into pops and squeeze the juice from each half (using a special juicer or a fork, squeezing the pulp and squeezing the half of the lemon). Add lemon juice to the watermelon in a blender, pour honey and put fresh mint there. A little ice and beat until smooth!

Step 2: serve watermelon lemonade.

Watermelon lemonade turns out to be quite sweet, although there is no sugar in it, only honey and watermelon. Delicious! If watermelons were available all year round, I would always make lemonade from them.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can use orange instead of lemon juice.

- It is better not to store ready-made watermelon lemonade. It is so simple to prepare that it is easier to make a drink as needed than to make it deteriorate in the refrigerator, where it will certainly lose some of its taste.