Cooking doctoral sausage at home

Cooking doctoral sausage at home


  1. Pork neck 750 g
  2. Beef shoulder 250 g
  3. Water 100 ml
  4. Nitrite salt 20 g
  5. Nutmeg 2 g
  6. Phosphates 3 g
  • Main Ingredients Beef, Pork
  • Serving 6 servings


1. We clean meat from veins and films.
2. Cut the meat into small pieces and pass through the meat grinder two times using different grills - medium and small.
3. Spread the minced meat on a large plate with a thin layer and put in the freezer to slightly freeze. We also put water in the freezer.
4. Pieces of minced meat in a blender to obtain an emulsion. The mass should be homogeneous, smooth, somewhat reminiscent of mixed ketchup with mayonnaise. In the process of grinding, add ice water and spices in parts.
5. The minced meat turned into a paste can be put on a plastic wrap and twisted as a candy, making it airtight. It is necessary to tie the ends with twine. The size of the loaf is determined by the dishes in which you will cook. Two small loaves can be made. You can also use a special shell.
6. We send the sausage to cook in the oven, slow cooker or su-view at a temperature of 70 degrees and until the center reaches 70 degrees.
7. Everything, the sausage is ready!