Grilled onion

Grilled onion

Grilled onion ingredients

  1. Minced meat 300 grams
  2. Egg 1 piece
  3. Salt to taste
  4. Pepper to taste
  5. Smoked paprika to taste
  6. Semolina 2 tablespoons
  7. Fresh dill to taste
  8. Onions 2-3 pieces
  9. Smoked bacon or ham 10 slices (approx.)
  • Main Ingredients: Beef, Pork, Bacon, Ham, Onion
  • Portion 5-6


Grill, foil, kitchen knife, cutting board, tablespoon.


Step 1: prepare the onion.

Peel the onion, wash, gently cut in half lengthwise and disassemble, keeping the halves of the same size next to each other.

Step 2: stuff the onions.

Mix the minced meat at room temperature with an egg, salt, pepper, finely chopped dill and smoked paprika. Add a couple of tablespoons of semolina for thickness, and mix everything very well.
To stuff onions, take two halves and put your minced meat on one of them with wet hands, cover with the second part of the onion on top.

Step 3: wrap the onion in the ham.

Wrap each onion ball with minced meat inside with a slice of thin ham or smoked bacon. Wrap quite tightly, but do not need to be fixed.

Step 4: bake minced meat in grilled onions.

Fold the minced meat on the foil and transfer everything as it is to the hot grill. Fry the ham until golden, gently turning the meat balls, and until the onions are soft.

Part of the fat from ham or bacon will surely melt. Also, if you doubt your readiness, you can always take one little thing and cut it, the stuffing should be evenly colored without a pink spot in the middle.
If you are going to cook the minced meat in the onion in the oven, then bake it with 220 degrees about 35-40 minutes.

Step 5: serve the minced meat on the grill.

Transfer the hot meat balls from onion and minced meat to a plate and serve with sauce and fresh vegetable salad. It's great! Onions give the minced meat a special aroma and taste, so it is simply impossible to resist.
Enjoy your meal!

Recipe Tips:

- You can add mushrooms, a little tomato sauce or garlic to the minced meat for an extra flavor.