Turkey kebab in teriyaki sauce

Turkey kebab in teriyaki sauce

Ingredients for making turkey kebab in teriyaki sauce

  1. Teriyaki sauce to taste
  2. Turkey fillet 1 piece
  3. Leek to taste
  4. Bulgarian pepper to taste
  • Main Ingredients
  • Serving 2 servings


Skewers, baking sheet, plate, kitchen knife, cutting board.


Step 1: marinate the turkey.

Wash the turkey fillet, pat dry with paper towels and cut into slices 1 centimeter.
Fold the turkey slices in a plate, fill them with teriyaki sauce, mix and refrigerate 1,5 hour.

Step 2: string everything onto skewers.

Soak skewers in cold water.
Leek and bell pepper cut into thick slices.
Put the marinated turkey slices on skewers, alternating them with slices of vegetables.

Step 3: bake turkey skewers in teriyaki sauce.

Lubricate the heat-resistant mold with a small amount of oil and put your shaly in it.

Top with the remaining teriyaki sauce (in which the turkey was marinated) and pour in the preheated 180 degrees oven on 40 minutes. Periodically pour the kebab with the teriyaki sauce accumulated below, mixed with the juices released from the meat and vegetables in the process.

Step 4: serve turkey skewers in teriyaki sauce.

Skewers are glossy, shiny and very fragrant. The meat is just an overeating.

Juicy and tasty turkey marinated in teriyaki sauce, and then baked in it, is something incredible. Serve these kebabs for lunch or dinner with a light, neutral side dish.
Enjoy your meal!