Apricot cake

Apricot cake

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After Chec "Tatin" with apricots I wanted to make a more classic cake - very good came out Apricot comes from North China, a region located near the border with Russia. In Armenia, where it is known as "Prunus armeniaca", it will reach only over 3000 years, after it has already appeared in the regions of Central Asia. Apricots will be brought by the Romans to Anatolia and Europe. The traditional region for apricot cultivation is the Hungarian Plain which was expanded during the Ottoman occupation. Apricot being suitable for warm regions with dry climates, began in the nineteenth century its cultivation in sandy desert regions, such as Spain and Italy, being also grown in Tyrol, Wachau, Canton of Wallis (Switzerland). But the largest apricot crops are in the Malatya region (Turkey) on the upper Euphrates. Apricot kernels are known for the content of amygdalin, a toxic cyanogenic glycoside. Apricot kernel seeds or kernels grown in Central Asia and around the Mediterranean are so sweet that they can replace almonds. Italian Amaretto liqueur and amaretti biscuits are flavored with apricot kernel extract rather than almonds. When consumed in excess, they can cause symptoms of cyanide poisoning. (source: Wikipedia)


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