Zucchini chips

Zucchini chips

Zucchini Chips Recipe of of 23-06-2016

The zucchini chips baked in the oven were a fantastic discovery, a light and tasty side dish that appeals to adults and children of the house. When I decided to try the recipe, I found two variants around, fried and baked, I tried both cooking but immediately rejected the first, I preferred the second variant, obtaining crispy and much lighter courgette chips. Some time ago I also tried potato chips, with the same method, you can cook in the microwave also these of zucchini, I have not tried, but one of the girls who works with me always prepares them by cooking them with the crisp option, so they are super tested;) So if you want something tasty to eat without too many feelings of guilt, this is the recipe that's right for you. Kisses and see you later with a new recipe;)


How to make zucchini chips

Wash and dry the courgettes, peel them, then slice them into thin slices of the same thickness.

Arrange them on kitchen paper and dab them well on both sides, in order to eliminate any residual water.

Flour each washer well.

Then arrange the courgettes without overlapping each other on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper lightly greased with oil, brush them with a little oil and season with salt, pepper and herbs to taste (I used chives).
Bake at 220 ° C in a preheated convection oven and cook for about 10-15 minutes.

Once golden, serve your chips immediately.

Zucchini chips

Good day everyone! Today I present to you an easy and super tasty recipe: Zucchini Chips. I anticipate that they are not fried, but baked in the oven. They are crunchy and tasty, one pulls the other .. You can use them to enrich an appetizer, or as a side dish, and also serve them together with other vegetables. Young and old will surely like this dish .. Get to work ..

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How to make baked zucchini chips

Wash the courgettes, remove the ends and cut them into thin slices (1). Dry them with kitchen paper (2) to remove excess water. Pass them individually in the flour, helping you with a fork (3).

Place them on a baking sheet lined with parchment paper, well spaced. Add a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, salt, pepper (4) and cook in a preheated oven at 200 ° C for about 10 minutes or until golden brown (5). Your courgette chips are ready to be served hot (6).

Zucchini Chips

Ingredients for 4 people

  • Medium zucchini: 6
  • Flour 00: Q.b
  • Oil for frying, I use peanut oil
  • Salt and Pepper To Taste
  1. Wash the courgettes and remove the external parts, dry them and slice them thinly. To get this thin thickness I used the blades of the food processor.
  2. Arrange the sliced ​​courgettes on absorbent kitchen paper and dab so as to eliminate water residues.
  3. Pass the zucchini in the flour, eliminating the excess with a sieve
  4. Preheat the oil in a pan and fry a few minutes, just long enough to brown them. Let the oil drain well and add salt and pepper

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Zucchini chips: the recipe for an aperitif or a crunchy and tasty summer side dish

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Crunchy, delicious, simple and quick to prepare, the courgette chips they are ideal for an aperitif in the company of friends and an excellent alternative to offer to children instead of fries. Also excellent as a side dish for fish dishes, zucchini chips can be fried or baked.

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Let's see together how to proceed for the preparation of the zucchini chips recipe :



Wash and dry the courgettes well, cut them into rings and place them on a sheet of kitchen paper and pat them in order to remove any residual water.

Dip the zucchini in flour and in the meantime heat the oil in a pan.

Pour the courgettes into slices in hot oil and as soon as they are golden, drain the chips, place them on a sheet of kitchen paper to remove excess oil and serve hot.

As an alternative to frying, proceed with cooking in the oven: preheat the oven to 200˚, place the courgettes cut into slices on a sheet of kitchen paper and let them dry for one to two hours.

After this time, place them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper, add salt and cook in the oven until they are golden and crisp.


According to your tastes, flavor the courgette chips using some spices such as chilli, black pepper, paprika or curry. Prepare an emulsion by mixing the chosen spice with extra virgin olive oil, brush it on the chips and then proceed with cooking in a pan or in the oven.

Baked zucchini chips: the crunchy light side dish you can't do without

If you are looking for finger food but also a tasty side dish, here are the zucchini chips. Quick and easy to prepare, they will become one of the recipes you won't be able to do without, especially now that summer arrives.

Instead of potatoes, this time we tried to make chips with zucchini, which in this case will have to be cut into very thin slices, lightly passed in flour, wet with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil and then off in the oven for a few minutes. .

The result of this side dish will leave you amazed to say the least. At the first taste and at the sight you will think that they are fried and instead they are light because they are baked in the oven.

Ingredients for 4 people

6 Roman zucchini
q.s. 00 flour
extra virgin olive oil
q.s. Origan
q.s. curry
q.s. chili pepper
q.s. salt

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Baked Zucchini Chips Recipe (Paleo, Keto)

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Baked Zucchini Chips Recipe

Zucchini isn't just for low-carb noodles anymore.

This amazing veggie can be easily made in your oven to make baked zucchini fries for keto snacks.

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Why are zucchini so ubiquitous these days?

It's not like you would sink your raw teeth into it.

But when you twist them and heat them in a pan with some olive oil, they turn from a dull pumpkin into a delicious healthy noodle alternative.

And as you'll see, when you cut them into silver dollar-sized pieces and bake them in the oven for a couple of hours, they become tasty healthy alternatives.

Now, before we start teaching you how to make baked zucchini fries, let's first look at what's the big deal with this vegetable.

After all, I can only tell you how to make cabbage shavings.

Radish chips but not kale, it's just whimsical.)

Zucchini: Nutrient-dense, low-starch veggie perfect for cooking

Low-starch vegetables are relatively low in calories but contain a lot of nutrients.

"Zukes" contain a lot of vitamin C, which is not a nutritional fact that many people are aware of.

Most people think of citrus fruits when they think of vitamin C or peppers.

But zukes contain over 50 percent of the daily value of vitamin C.

There is also a respectable amount of vitamin B6 and manganese.

I know that manganese is a trace mineral.

But I forgot why it is important for health, so I searched.

It turns out he is involved in several important roles.

It is essential for brain function, the formation of connective tissue and bones, blood clotting and the creation of sex hormones.

Additionally, manganese breaks down fats and carbohydrates and helps normalize blood sugar levels.

First of all, slice the courgettes rather thin, to a thickness of 3 - 4 millimeters, with a sharp knife:

Then bread the courgette slices in flour:

Slide the excess flour off the zucchini. Arrange them in a baking tray covered with parchment paper.

Finally, add the oil to your zucchini chips and sprinkle with a generous pinch of salt:

Bake in a static oven at 200 ° for about 15 - 18 minutes. The time is indicative and can vary from oven to oven.

Towards the middle of cooking, check the situation, if necessary turn your zucchini fries. For the last 5 minutes, turn on the grill and brown.

The Zucchini chips in the oven they are ready when they take on a golden aspect and crunchy edges.

The secret to having lightly greasy and crunchy courgette chips is to transfer them while still warm on a plate lined with bread paper. Turn them for a few seconds, dry the oil and then immediately transfer them to a serving dish! without letting them "soften" on the paper!

The thinner zucchini slices will tend to darken slightly, they will be even more delicious!

Fried zucchini chips

  • light green zucchini
  • 00 flour to taste
  • Salt to taste.
  • a sprinkle of pepper
  • extra virgin olive oil for frying (yes, you read that right: I use it for frying, I prefer it to various seed oils, you can use whatever you prefer)
  • a knife
  • mandolin
  • colander
  • a saucer
  • a weight (a 2 kg bottle of water is fine)
  • a colander for sifting
  • frying pan
  • a plate and kitchen paper towels
  • a skimmer

Prepare some fried zucchini chips but don't soak in oil, it's really simple: I'll explain how to do it.

Take the courgettes and remove the two ends: wash them very well and, using the mandolin, slice them maintaining a thickness of 2 mm (if you can use the mandolin for a perfect result, otherwise do it by hand).

Put the zucchini in a colander: make a layer, put some salt and make a second layer. Put a saucer and a weight (2 l bottle of water) on the courgettes to make the courgettes lose some of their vegetable water. Let it rest for 1 hour. (TRICK N ° 1)

Wash the courgettes a little to remove excess salt. Take the pan, put plenty of oil (fry in deep oil) and let it heat up very well. Meanwhile, pour some 00 flour into a plate and flour the courgette slices very well. Then place them in a colander and remove the excess flour (TRICK N ° 2). When the oil is hot, fry. The more courgettes you put, the longer the frying times get, and the courgettes become soaked in oil: fry a few courgettes at a time (TRICK N ° 3). Turn halfway through cooking.

Once they are ready, take them out of the pan with a skimmer and drain well. Place them on absorbent paper (TRICK N ° 4).

Your fried zucchini chips they are ready: eat them very hot, sprinkle with black pepper. Enjoy your meal!

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