Apricot yogurt cake with apricots

Apricot yogurt cake with apricots

Despite its appearance, it is a light version of the classic sarlote. In addition, it does not require boiling.
As a base I used a simple cake but it certainly goes very well with a pandispan top or-why not-with lightly syrupy biscuits according to everyone's taste.

  • an ordinary cake (which no one wants as such)
  • 500 ml. Yogurt with apricots or simple cream to which we add 5-6 tablespoons of sugar
  • 2 sachets of gelatin powder
  • 2 cans of sour cream for whipped cream 32%
  • 3-4 tablespoons commercially available powdered sugar
  • ripe apricots

Servings: -

Preparation time: less than 60 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Yogurt cake with apricot:

The cake is cut into suitable slices that are placed on the round serving tray on which I prepared a ring from the shape with a detachable bottom.

The gelatin is dissolved in 200 ml of cold water and left for about 15 minutes. Then microwave for a minute - depending on the oven - so that it heats up very well but does not boil! Leave to cool.

Once it has reached room temperature, mix it well with the yogurt.

The cream taken out of the fridge mixes well with the powdered sugar until it stays on the phone.

The two combine.

Cut the apricots into pieces, spread them on the top of the tray and cover with 1/2 of the amount of yogurt. Then another layer of slices of cake / pandispan / biscuits (what do you have!) And the rest of the composition.

Cover with sliced ​​apricots and refrigerate for a few hours or overnight if you are patient.

Voila !!!

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I specified commercial powdered sugar because that's how I found out it contains starch


to remove the detachable ring, I recommend that you pass it easily with a toothless knife all around.

-Blue: 6 eggs, 6 tablespoons sugar, 6 tablespoons flour, 2 tablespoons cocoa, 1 pinch salt, 1 teaspoon baking powder
-Cream: 1 jar of Raureni apricot jam, 1 jar of Raureni apricot compote, 300 g liquid cream, 400 g apricot flavored yogurt, vanilla sugar, 2 sachets of gelatin
-Jelly: 300 ml apricot compote, 1 sachet of gelatin
-Ornate: 200g liquid cream

Prepare the top by mixing the egg whites with a pinch of salt, then add the sugar and finally the crushed yolks. Pour sifted flour with baking powder and cocoa and mix from bottom to top with a wooden spoon. Grease with a drop of oil and cover with flour a form with a detachable edge, pour the dough and bake for approx. 25 minutes. The baked top is left to cool, then cut into 2 discs equal in thickness.

Hydrate the gelatin in 100 ml of compote for 10 minutes, then heat on a steam bath and mix gently until smooth.
Remove the apricot kernels and clean the skin and mix.

For the cream, mix the yogurt with the mixed apricots and gelatin, and finally add the whipped cream. Mix until the composition is homogeneous.
Place the cake ring on a plate. Place the first disc on the countertop (inside the ring), syrup with apricot compote, grease with apricot jam, pour half of the yogurt cream, then place the second syrupy countertop, pressing lightly by hand. Pour the rest of the cream and put the plate in the fridge for an hour to harden the cream.

For the jelly, hydrate the gelatin in 100 ml of compote for 10 minutes and proceed as in the description above. After it has cooled a little, add it over the remaining compote, mix it lightly and then pour it lightly over the yoghurt cream. Put the cake in the fridge for an hour.
Before undoing the ring, carefully go around with a knife to peel off the edges.

Decorate the edges of the cake with whipped cream.

Try this video recipe too

Apricot cake

1. Whisk the egg whites with the sugar and vanilla sugar, then add the egg yolks, chocolate cream and flour. Stir gently and pour into a tray lined with baking paper. Bake in the preheated oven, on the right heat, for 30 minutes.

2. Put the gelatin in the yoghurt and leave it to soak for an hour. The apricots are washed. The ripe ones are peeled and pitted, then strained. The other apricots are cut into slices.

3. Beat the egg yolks with the sugar and apricot liqueur. Place on top of a bowl of boiling water and beat until all the sugar has dissolved. Allow to cool to room temperature and mix with the yoghurt in which the gelatin and apricot puree have been soaked. Then add half of the cream and leave to cool for at least an hour.

4. Cut the worktop in half. Put half of the cream on one sheet, then sprinkle with apricot slices and cover with the other sheet. Cover with the rest of the cream and garnish with whipped cream, walnuts and apricot slices. Leave to cool for 2-3 hours and serve.

Cool yogurt cake - It's very tasty and not hard

Do you need a cake for a special occasion? Try this cool yogurt cake recipe. It is very tasty and not difficult.

juice from an apricot compote

1. For the top, beat the egg whites until stiff. Mix the yolks well with the sugar, until it doubles in volume, then add the batter. Mix the flour well with the baking powder and cocoa and incorporate it into the egg mixture. Mix lightly, from the bottom up, with a wooden spoon. The composition is poured into a round tray lined with baking paper and put in the oven until it passes the toothpick test, writes bucatarianoastra.online.

2. For the cream, put the yogurt in a larger bowl and mix with the whipped cream. At the end, add the gelatin prepared according to the instructions on the package. Refrigerate for 5 minutes, during which time cut the cooled countertop into 3 sheets.

3. In a pot placed on the fire, put the whipped cream together with the broken chocolate pieces. Leave it on the stove until the chocolate melts (be careful, it doesn't have to boil). Allow to cool well, then mix.

4. Place the first top on a plate, syrup with apricot compote, over which put half of the yogurt cream. Level with a spatula and place the second syrupy top. Put the rest of the cream, and, at the end, the last syrupy top. Garnish with whipped cream and chocolate, according to everyone's imagination.

Apricot smoothie ideas

Golden or blushing, where they sat in the sun, delicate, fluffy and always delicious, apricots are among the favorite fruits of summer. Whether you eat them plain, straight from the orchard, or use them in a light dish, apricots are a good inspiration for daily play in the kitchen.

Because the weekend is approaching and you will have time to try something new, I have prepared some ideas for you today. apricot smoothie recipes which you can prepare in just a few minutes. Choose the one that catches your eye the most and don't forget to share your impressions with us.

Smoothie "Sunbeams"
You can't talk about an apricot smoothie without the thought of smiling peaches, just as tasty, juicy and fragrant. An apricot and peach smoothie, to which you added half a carrot, is perfect to start the day delicious. And if it's raining outside, the mix of colors will immediately make you think of the gentle summer sun.

Smoothie with surprises
Because you like surprises, even when it comes to your snacks, we recommend a smoothie recipe that will pleasantly surprise you: apricots, bananas and seed mixture. Put them all in the blender and enjoy with gusto. Each tasty sip will pleasantly surprise you thanks to the seed mixture.

"Good Morning" Smoothie
Light and delicate like hot summer mornings, "Good Morning" smoothie will give you the energy you need for the whole day. Combine apricots with a few well-ripened strawberries and low-fat yogurt and you will get a fruit delicacy that you will not be able to part with.

Summer smoothie
Apricots, apples, 1-2 bananas and a glass of apple juice is all you need for a light, summer smoothie. Of course, you can add a teaspoon of honey and a little mint for decoration and you got a cool and nutritious smoothie in just a few minutes.

Greek smoothie
Travel for a few minutes to distant and beautiful Greece, with a smoothie made at home. You need apricots, a little plain Greek yogurt, 1 teaspoon of honey and a few drops of vanilla extract. Mix them all in a blender, sit at the table and you will already see the blue roofs of the Greek villas.

Dome cake with slices of roll and sarlota with raspberries & # 8211 Victoria von Eberbach Cakes

Dome cake with slices of roll and sarlota with raspberries & # 8211 Victoria von Eberbach Cakes. Overturned cake recipe with natural whipped cream, orange juice and raspberries. An elegant and light cake with a sound name: Victoria. It's really about Queen Victoria of Great Britain.

Of course, there is a legend that links Queen Victoria to this famous cake. Eberbach is a small picturesque town in Baden-Württemberg (Germany). Legend has it that Queen Victoria's parents (Princess Marie Luise Victoire of Saxony & # 8211 Coburg and Prince Edward, Duke of Kent) lived in Eberbach at a time very close to the queen's official birthday (May 24, 1819). The pregnant princess would have suffered the pains of childbirth, but because the heirs of the royal throne must be born on British territory, she would have given birth aboard a British boat anchored in the small port on the river Neckar. (image source: Wikipedia)

The story goes that Princess Marie Luise would have sold all her goods overnight in order to buy this vessel, which she hastily registered under the British flag. The citizens of Eberbach are very proud of this, even though another official birthplace of Queen Victoria is recorded in the official archives: Kensington Palace, London.

Viktoria Confectionery in Eberbach (founded in 1886) keeps this cake on its menu, as a tribute to Queen Victoria.

The cake has the typical dome shape composed of slices of roll filled with apricot jam and has a fine cream of natural whipped cream mixed with fresh orange juice and sweet, liqueur white wine (like Lacrima lui Ovidiu). If you prepare it for children, you can replace the wine with white grape juice or orange juice. Traditionally, this dome cake is based on a pandispan top with cocoa & # 8211 I also replaced it with pandispan rounds with jam. The dome cake is mounted in a hemispherical bowl with a convex bottom.

I made this St. Mary & # 8211 cake because there are 3 of us in the house (mother, my daughter and I) and we also had guests at the table. It was a large cake, almost 4 kg and 28 cm in diameter (at the base) and about 15-16 cm high. The recipe I followed is in German (Viktoria von Eberbach Torte). Below I offer you the ingredients and quantities for the cake I made.

If you want to make a smaller dome cake you will have to reduce them proportionally (eg by multiplying the ingredients by 0.7 for a cake of 24 cm and about 2.8 kg or with or 0.5 for one of 22 cm and about 2 kg). I put them on too raspberry berries in cream. You can choose any other fruit you like: strawberry pieces, berries, peach cubes or grape berries (smaller).

The countertop sheets are thawed, and cut in half diagonally (a triangle of 25x45 cm, 12 pieces) and the rest are cut into 2 circles.

Drain the apricots for the filling and keep the juice aside. The gelatin is prepared according to the instructions on the package and placed in a small oven (do not boil). The yogurt is mixed with sugar, vanilla sugar, apricot and lemon juice. then mix with gelatin.

the apricots are mashed and mixed with vanilla powder then put on the first sheet. Over the cold yogurt put whipped cream and mix then put in a spirit a quarter of the cream and spirit the edges of the cake inside. the rest of the cream is placed over the second round sheet then the cream and then the 12 pieces of sheets. garnish with whipped cream, apricots, powdered sugar or as desired.

Cake with yogurt, fruit and biscuits

Cake recipes & rsaquo Sweet cakes. Unbaked cake with exotic fruits and aerated yogurt cream. Rub the yolks with the oil as well. Diplomat cake is one of our favorites. The combination of diplomat cream, fruit and whipped cream is so. A yogurt cake with whipped cream and compote or fresh fruit, light, extremely. Find this Pin and more on mancare. Cake with yogurt and berries, without baking, simple and quick recipe, in 30 days. Fine and fragrant cream, delicious fruits and fluffy biscuits.

I prefer this kind of cool cake with yogurt cream and fruit, instead of the classic diplomat cake. Cheesecake, meringue and jam, Hungarian recipe Rákóczi túrós. Thanks again to Mihaelei- & ldquoDe gathered around the world & ldquo, for this beautiful idea, and to Flory- & ldquo Recipes kind of & rdquo; Add the drained fruit to the cream, mixing them lightly with a spatula.

We mix the creamy yogurt with the powdered sugar, with the fruits. Cake with mascarpone and fruit & # 8211 video recipe The full recipe can be found here :.

Angie's recipes: Sarlota cake with berries

You need:
150 grams of homemade cheese
130 grams of natural yogurt
40 grams of honey
230 grams of strawberries
1 wheat cake
1 tablespoon granulated sugar
1 tablespoon powdered sugar
200 ml fresh
sugar flowers
sponge fingers

What should you do:

Mix, in a bowl, cheese, yogurt and honey and put the composition in the refrigerator for 2 hours.
Keep a few strawberries for decoration, and cut the rest in half and pass them in a blender with a spoonful of sugar.
Cut the top in two: on the first top, put the cream cheese, strawberries, cover with the second top and put everything in the fridge.

At the end, cover everything with whipped cream, decorate with strawberries and sugar flowers and surround the cake with a biscuit fence, which you tie with a bow.

Yogurt mousse

Yogurt mousse - a quick, cool, delicious and nutritious dessert! What more could you want from a perfect dessert for the upcoming hot season? One of our big questions as children was, "Mom, do we have anything sweet?" My brother and I are very fond of sweets and desserts and my mother was always ready! What does a "quick dessert" mean in our childhood? Rubbed yolk with sugar, egg foam or meringue, ripe apples, powdered milk rubbed with water and sugar, biscuit salami. These were the "intervention" desserts. But today, when she tasted the cup of yogurt mousse, my mother decreed that "it was good to make it when you were little" & # x1f5a4

Yogurt mousse - everything you need to know about the recipe

  • It is necessary to use a fat, creamy yogurt. That's why Greek yogurt is ideal! A low-fat yogurt or one that contains a lot of water, will not froth and the dessert will not succeed as well.
  • You can also choose a Greek yogurt with fruit or flavors, depending on your preferences.
  • I chose crispy Muesli with hazelnuts and raisins. But whatever muesli you like, even simple oatmeal is perfect for our yogurt mousse recipe. It is also good to use digestive biscuits ground in a blender or broken into larger pieces. Or, of course, biscuits!

  • You can assemble the dessert in a single bowl, as I did or in individual bowls, for each guest at the table.
  • The yogurt mousse recipe is also wonderful as a dessert on trips or on the green grass! Simply assemble the dessert in 200ml jars, close the lid, tie a teaspoon and they are ready to be transported in a mini box / refrigerated.
  • The composition of yogurt mousse goes perfectly in the ice cream machine! The outcome? An absolutely delicious yogurt ice cream. You can also add pieces of fruit, chocolate flakes, nuts, syrup to the composition.

Yogurt mousse - useful information about liquid cream / sweet cream

Let me tell you more about natural whipped cream or sweet cream that we use in the yogurt mousse recipe. I highly recommend Pilos liquid cream (or sweet cream), own brand Lidl. It is a NATURAL sweet cream, of animal origin, NOT a whipped cream substitute, not a vegetable whipped cream. In other words & # 8230 is what you need! You can find it on the shelf in the 200ml UHT version and I recommend it instead of any whipped cream substitute based on vegetable fat!

Unlike whipped cream (I don't give a name, but you know them), real sweet cream must meet certain conditions to beat well:

  • It must be very, very cold in the fridge. My advice is that after you keep it in the fridge since you buy it, keep it in the freezer for 10 minutes before use, so that it is super-cold.
  • Also in the freezer we keep the mixer blades and the bowl in which we beat the sweet cream.
  • When the sweet cream reaches the consistency we want, we must turn off the mixer. Thus, the sweet cream will turn into butter.

Ingredients for 4 servings of yogurt mousse:

  • 280g (2 jars) Greek yogurt Pilos
  • 80g sugar vanilla powder Castello
  • 200ml fresh liquid Pilos
  • 200g apricots from Freshona compote
  • 150g Crownfield Crispy Muesli

All the ingredients for the Yogurt Mousse recipe can be found in Lidl & # x1f5a4 stores

Beat the cream for 5-6 minutes, with the mixer at high speed, until it is fluffy. In another bowl, mix the Greek yogurt and powdered sugar. Mix until the sugar granules no longer feel. Add the whipped cream, mix with folding movements, from top to bottom, so as not to remove the air from the composition. Then all we have to do is assemble the dessert: a layer of muesli, a generous layer of yogurt mousse, a layer of fruit of your choice, fresh or compote. Let everything cool for a few hours before serving.