Pork jelly

Pork jelly

Wash all pork products with warm water, boil in a large bowl. Boil until the meat begins to fall behind the bones. Remove the bones, choose the meat, let the juice calm down a bit, add the fat. Garlic (2-3 heads, as we want the intense garlic taste) is cleaned and ground, added to the juice.

I also used 2 sachets of gelatin, I missed the clumping another time and I said that it is safer to put 2 sachets of gelatin.

Place the cup in pots, then pour the juice through a strainer, so that it has no impurities (pieces of crushed bone, garlic). We leave it cold until the next day, when it is served with pleasure. I really like this trembling, I eat it with gusto.

Video: a liatina ro maiali (October 2021).