Adorable Eggs Get Destroyed in Slow Motion

Adorable Eggs Get Destroyed in Slow Motion

To get over your mid-week hump, here is a Pop Spot video of gooey eggs getting destroyed in slow motion, just because

Watermelons bursting open might be visually stunning, as plenty of videos have demonstrated, but somehow eggs have them beat. It must be the gooey egg whites and the color contrast of the yolk, or perhaps the perfect cracking of an egg shell, but Pop Spot's video of eggs being destroyed in slow motion is mesmerizing.

Pop Spot, the folks behind VH1's Pop Up Video, decided to see what eggs smashing in slow motion would look like, finding multiple ways to break them open. Smashing them on the floor was a given, as was smashing an entire carton, but then they started throwing eggs, onto knives, through tennis rackets, and into a blender (on "stir" instead of "liquify," which was too fast). One guy even punches an egg.

Watch the visually stunning video below and have your heart broken as the adorable eggs with faces drawn on them meet their inevitable demise.

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