Oven pork ribs with potatoes

Oven pork ribs with potatoes

Oven ingredients for cooking pork ribs with potatoes in the oven

  1. Pork Ribs 1.3 kg
  2. 4 cloves of garlic
  3. Paprika a teaspoon with a slide
  4. Worcester sauce 2 tablespoons
  5. Soy sauce 2 tablespoons
  6. Salt to taste
  7. Pepper to taste
  8. Potato 4-5 pieces
  9. Olive oil 50 milliliters
  10. Red wine 100 milliliters
  • Main Ingredients: Pork, Potato
  • Serving 4 servings


Foil, baking tray, kitchen knife.


Step 1: pickle the pork ribs.

Wipe the ribs with paper towels to remove excess moisture. Rub meat with salt, pepper, paprika and chopped cloves of garlic. Rub so that the spices cover the entire surface of the meat. Roll up the ribs and remove them to marinate in the refrigerator for several hours, preferably for knocking.

Step 2: bake the pork ribs.

Mix olive oil with soy and Worcester sauce, brush the ribs on all sides with the mixture.

Place the meat in a deep baking sheet, cover with foil and send to bake in preheated until 180 degrees oven on 1 hour 30 minutes.

Step 3: add the potatoes.

While the meat is baking, rinse, peel and cut into medium-sized cubes.
Remove the baked ribs from the oven, remove the foil on top and put the chopped potatoes next to it, mix it with the sauce at the bottom of the mold. Salt and pepper the vegetables a little.
Bake without foil for another 50-60 minutes, sometimes pouring meat on top with wine and sauce from the bottom of the mold, so that a beautiful golden crust appears on the ribs and they do not burn at the same time.

Step 4: Serve the pork ribs with potatoes in the oven.

Serve the pork ribs hot, only from the oven, as a side dish, of course, use the baked potatoes right there. The meat is juicy and tasty, and the potatoes are very aromatic.
Enjoy your meal!