Turkey roll with dried fruits and nuts

Turkey roll with dried fruits and nuts


  1. Onion 1 piece
  2. Garlic 1 clove
  3. Dried cranberries 1/2 cup
  4. Dried apricots 1/2 cup
  5. Pistachios 2/3 cup
  6. Egg 1 piece
  7. White stale roll 1 piece (crumbled)
  8. Orange juice from one orange
  9. Parsley (chopped) 1 tablespoon
  10. Salt to taste
  11. Pepper to taste
  12. Turkey fillet 1 piece
  • Main Ingredients: Onion, Turkey, Dried Apricots, Nuts, Bread


Knife, frying pan, spatula, thread or toothpicks, baking tray.


Step 1: prepare the filling.

Pour dried cranberries and dried apricots with boiling water and let stand for 15 minutes, then drain the excess water and send dried fruits to a blender.
Heat a little oil in a pan and fry finely chopped onion and garlic in it. When the slices become transparent, remove the onion and garlic from the heat and also send to a blender.

Then, peeled pistachios, bread crumbs, orange juice and a little orange zest, an egg and parsley are sent to the blender. Close the blender lid and mix everything, but not very finely. You shouldn't make porridge, just crumbs.
At the end, salt and pepper the filling to taste and mix with a spoon.

Step 2: stuff the chicken fillet.

Wash the fillet, dry it and make an incision so that the fillet opens like a book. Salt and pepper to taste. On the side that you cut, lay the filling with a spoon and roll everything into a roll, securing with a thread or toothpicks so that it does not unfold.

Step 3: prepare turkey roll with dried fruits and nuts.

Heat a little oil in a pan and fry the roll until golden brown on all sides. Literally by 2-3 minutes from each side.
Put the roll on a baking sheet, cover it well with foil and send it to the preheated 150 degrees oven on 60 minutes. Then remove the foil and bake more 15-20 minutes already at 200 degrees.
After baking, take the roll out of the oven and let it rest 15 minutes. Remove thread or toothpicks and serve.

Step 4: serve turkey roll with dried fruits and nuts.

Turkey roll with dried fruits and nuts should be cut into slices and served in a beautifully decorated plate. Great idea for New Year and Christmas dinner.
Enjoy your meal!