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Tasty coffee with liquor

Tasty coffee with liquor


  1. Amaretto liquor 100 milliliters
  2. Coffee 300 milliliters
  3. Milk to taste
  4. Sugar to taste
  5. Chocolate to taste
  • Main IngredientsCacao and Chocolate, Liquor, Coffee
  • Portion 1-2


Cups, turk or coffee pot, stewpan, whisk.


Step 1: make coffee.

Make hot strong coffee. Measure out the right amount of liquor.
Set milk to bask on a slow fire.

Step 2: mix the ingredients.

Mix liquor in a cup and add sugar.

Add coffee and mix.

Heat the milk and froth with a whisk, add it to coffee with liquor on top.

Step 3: serve delicious coffee with liquor.

Grate dark chocolate and decorate it with your delicious coffee with liquor. Everything! Serve with breakfast or during a coffee break. The combination of tastes is amazing!
Enjoy your meal!