Club sandwich

Club sandwich


  1. 8 slice toast bread
  2. Eggs 2 pieces
  3. Ham 3 slices
  4. Cheese 2 slices
  5. Tomato 1 piece
  6. Bacon 2 slices
  7. Iceberg Salad 2 leaves
  8. Butter optional
  • Main ingredientsCheese, Bread
  • Serving 2 servings
  • World Cuisine


Knife, frying pan, board, spatula, sandwich maker, toothpicks.


Step 1: fry the bacon.

Cut the bacon into small pieces and fry it until golden brown, so that more fat is melted. After frying, place crispy bacon on paper towels.

Step 2: fry the eggs.

Fry the eggs in the bacon-melted fat.

Step 3: collect the first part of the sandwich.

Lubricate the bread slices with butter.

Put slices of ham on butter and cheese on top. And cover with a slice of bread.

Place the bacon and the egg between the four other slices of bread.

Step 4: grill the sandwich.

Sandwiches with egg and bacon and sandwiches with ham and cheese toast in a special sandwich maker until golden brown. All the same can be done in a pan, pressing bread with a spatula on top.

Step 5: collect the second part of the sandwich.

Place salad greens and tomatoes on sandwiches with ham and cheese. You can add mayonnaise or sauce here, this is optional.

Top the sandwiches with egg and bacon on top of the tomatoes. Secure with toothpicks.

Cut the sandwiches in half at an angle.

Step 6: serve the club sandwich.

Serve the finished club sandwich with sauce and mayonnaise, as well as french fries. Incredibly satisfying snack.
Enjoy your meal!