Fluffy pancake recipe with bacon and mushrooms

Fluffy pancake recipe with bacon and mushrooms

Fluffy pancakes recipe

I started with the filling: I cut the bacon into cubes, I drained the mushrooms and chopped them smaller, then I chopped the onion and I put it to simmer in oil and a little water.

When the onion penetrated, I added the bacon, then the mushrooms. I covered and left them to fry for a few minutes (about 10), then I seasoned, I put chopped parsley and I put them in a sieve to drain.

For the pancakes, I beat the eggs with a little salt, I put the milk and the flour with the baking powder.

I heated the Teflon pan and then fried on both sides. 8 fluffy pancakes came out. I stopped a little from the composition of pancakes for the final part.

After the excess oil from the bacon and mushrooms drained, I spread 3 tablespoons of them on the pancakes, I rolled inserting the edges a little inside, I went through the composition stopped from the pancakes, then through the breadcrumbs and I fried turning on all sides.

I served each member of the family with two pancakes.

A craita in the kitchen

It is inevitable that hot thoughts will not come to your mind while you are eating home-cooked food.

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Pancakes au gratin, stuffed with mushrooms and sour cream sauce

I followed the basic recipe exactly, the pancakes were prepared according to my crepes recipe.
As you can see, the filling is fasting, if you give up the sauce and the pancakes are also made fasting, the preparation will also be entirely fasting, and with that you will have appetite and increase in cooking and savoring!

Pancakes filled with mushrooms

a portion of pancakes, recipe here
500 gr mushrooms,
a medium onion,
garlic, salt,
a tablespoon of flour,
a glass of water

Prepare the pancake composition and let it rest while we prepare the filling.
Peel the mushrooms, or wash them with a sponge (as you prefer), chop them and do the same with the onion and greens, grind the garlic and add it to the composition to taste.
Cook in hot onion oil, then mushrooms, greens, garlic,

dissolve the flour in water and pour over the mushrooms, leave to boil for 10 minutes on low heat. Season with salt and pepper. Place a tablespoon of filling on each pancake

and roll. Place in a pan greased with margarine,

grated cheese on top.

Keep in the preheated oven until nicely browned and serve with a sauce made from yogurt, garlic to taste, salt and a pinch of olive oil.


Hello dear lusts. Today I prepared PANCAKES FILLED WITH MUSHROOMS AND BECHAMEL SAUCE. The filling is creamy, fragrant and very delicious. I hope you like them and prepare them with pleasure. I wish you a tasty and appetizing day!

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Pancakes FILLED WITH MUSHROOMS AND BECHAMEL SAUCE I Valerie's Food channel Valerie's Food

Pancake Ingredients

  • 3 eggs
  • 300 grams of flour
  • 300 ml. of milk
  • 250-300 ml. of mineral water
  • 3 tablespoons & # 8211 50 grams & # 8211 melted butter (optional)
  • 1 pinch of salt
  • optional: 1-3 (maximum) tablespoons of sugar
  • flavors (only if you make pancakes with sweet filling): 1 teaspoon vanilla extract or 1 sachet of vanilla sugar, grated lemon peel (if you like)
  • In addition: about 50 ml. of frying oil

About the composition of pancakes

First of all, I want to emphasize that pancake batter is very adaptable: don't you have milk? It's okay, just make the pancakes with mineral water. They will come out maybe even more tender than those with milk, the difference in taste will be minimal, only the pancakes will be a bit more porous, with a spongy texture. Don't have 3 eggs? It goes well with 2 as well. Maybe even with one big egg or 1 egg and 1 egg white, 1 egg and two yolks etc.

If you do not have mineral water and that can be replaced with plain water or milk. A wonderful thing is that fasting pancakes are just as good: give up the egg, give up milk, keep only flour, mineral water and a little oil, there will be some good pancakes that with a good jam will be a delight .

- & frac12 kg potatoes
- 2 eggs
- parsley
- salt
- pepper

Peel the raw potatoes, wash them and put them on the grater with large holes. Drain them in your hand, add salt and pepper to taste and a little chopped green parsley.

Prepare a pancake dough from eggs (2 eggs per & frac12 kg potatoes). Mix the dough with the potatoes.

Put a pan with a tablespoon of lard or oil on the stove and let it melt. Take the composition with a teaspoon and put it in the pan, letting it brown for 10 minutes on both sides.

Tasty, aesthetic and easy to make, these vegetarian appetizers they will delight you!

Fluffy pancakes recipe with bacon and mushrooms - Recipes

By http://retetegg.blogspot.com/
Sometimes we run out of ideas, get hungry and don't have a lot of food in the fridge to choose from and make various combinations.

One evening around 11 pm, my friend Raisa was in the above situation. He didn't know what to combine to get a late but tasty dinner and he asked me for an idea (depending on what ingredients he told me he had in the fridge). I suggested she make some quick pancakes with beer, to which she added some grated cheese for extra flavor.

While we were talking about the mess (she between 2 pancake turns) I also had a craving. Because I don't eat in the evening after 7 o'clock (and it was already almost midnight), the next day I also tested the pancakes with beer and cheese. a madness (in a good way).

In a well-heated pan I baked the pancakes (I made them a little thicker than usual so they needed more time to bake). But I can honestly say that they are worth all the time in the world because they are mega tasty.

I served them hot with grated cheese on top and about 2 semi-smoked sausages with ketchup. I go simple or with a sauce that you like more :)

Mushrooms stuffed in the oven & # 8211 video recipe

Have you tried this recipe? Follow me on @JamilaCuisine or tag #jamilacuisine!

My dears, what about some stuffed mushrooms, delicious and fragrant? I want to share with you my recipe for stuffed mushrooms, the one I have been preparing for my family for a long time and which I would never change. The mushrooms come out very tasty and fragrant, the filling is very delicious and is very easy to prepare, and the end result is insane.

To get some stuffed mushrooms excellent you have to choose mushrooms large and fresh mushrooms, white and firm. You can use other mushrooms as long as you like and they are large. It is important to try this wonderful recipe because I am sure it will become your favorite.

Culinary creations by Cristina G.

Welcome to a creative world full of love where heaven. is the limit. Traditional, bold, simple, fast, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and fasting recipes for you.

Fluffy pancakes with cream and strawberries - Childhood sweets

I write more about this in the book 14 Shades of Red:Memories of Communist Childhood & # 8211 Golden Age.

Friends and colleagues are amazed at how quickly they cook, but when you start cooking at the age of 6 for a family of 8-10 people, you can't help but become an expert.

I just published the sixth, and last, cookbook from 41 series of Simple Recipes.
In this book - 41 Recipes for Pancakes, Cakes, Cakes and Other Sweets - you will find an impressive collection of pancakes, pankcakes, fluffy, sweet and savory cakes.
Don't lose her. Maybe you give it to someone.

& # 8212 Who doesn't love pancakes?
& # 8212 Then what are you doing here? Ah, maybe you want to do it for your loved ones. Good. Stay then, stay and take inspiration.

Pancakes with yogurt, cream and strawberries
Ah, pancakes, cream and strawberries. what could be more perfect?
Maybe some sun, health, love like in the movies, a lot of money and. and. and so on.

But now we are content with what Mother Nature gives us with great generosity in all seasons. Not?
If you love strawberries and pancakes, this recipe is for you.

All these recipes are mine, but if you want authentic traditional recipes, look for (soon) the 3 volumes of the cookbook entitled: Grandma's Recipes Learned from Mother - Book of Traditional Romanian Dishes Transmitted from Generation to Generation - Old Customs.

Although I know you know how to make pancakes, maybe your neighbor, niece, daughter-in-law or child doesn't know and wants to learn. It seems fair to me to explain step by step for those who do not have time but have the will.
Make sure you give them this book as a gift, I'm sure they'll use it.

Technical specifications
Degree of difficulty: low
Preparation time: 20 minutes
Portions: 10 pancakes not very thin, quite large. I can get you 12-14

Fluffy donuts made with a spoon. The recipe is inherited from grandma and even reminds you of the taste of childhood.

We invite you to watch below the video recipe of simple donuts made with a spoon:

Ingredients (for 50 pieces):200gr fat yogurt, 2 eggs, 2 sachets of vanilla sugar, 2 tablespoons sugar, a vial of vanilla essence, a baking powder, 300gr flour, grated rind of a lemon, one sachet of vanilla sugar

Method of preparation:In a bowl beat the eggs with a sachet of vanilla sugar until all the sugar melts. Add the vanilla essence, yogurt, and sift the flour mixed with baking powder. Mix all the ingredients well and add the grated lemon peel. The result will be a very soft, creamy dough. Heat oil in a non-stick pan or in a saucepan.

Using a teaspoon, take the dough with a spoon and put it in hot oil. Each time put the spoon first in the hot oil then take the dough, so it will not stick. After the donuts are baked on both sides, remove them with a spatula on a kitchen napkin to absorb the excess oil, then powder them with vanilla sugar while they are still hot. We wish you good appetite and increase your cooking recipe for fluffy donuts made with a spoon!

Culinary creations by Cristina G.

Welcome to a creative world full of love where heaven. is the limit. Traditional, bold, simple, fast, gluten-free, vegan, vegetarian and fasting recipes for you.

Cornlets with lard and borscht: Grandma's recipe: Childhood sweets

Dear faithful and unfaithful reader,
If you were born during the communist era, you must have eaten lard cones made by your grandmother or others.

Lard croissants are usually made at Christmas and New Year's Eve because that's when the pork is cut and the lard is fresh.
Maybe then you & # 8222 didn't go after them. I didn't give up either, but now I adore them.
The donuts / lard are a symbol of communist childhood.
Those who did not eat then are invited to do so now.

If you are vegan, here is a recipe without fruit ingredients. On https://reteteindraznete.blogspot.com you can find various traditional but also original fasting recipes or not.

This recipe was first published on https://reteteindraznete.blogspot.com, my first recipe blog, and then it was included (along with many other ancestral recipes) in the collection of traditional cookbooks called: Grandma's Recipes Learned by to Mother - Volume II - Sweet Dishes.

All my recipe books are published in electronic and paper format and can be found everywhere online.
Search for my author name - Cristina G. (necessarily with a dot after G.) - and many results will appear on Google Books, Apple, Books2Read, etc.

My sister-in-law, Cecilia, makes the best authentic croissants on earth. Without exaggeration.

I am a carrier of traditions, but at the same time I like to change what I learned as a child, so because I experiment constantly, I find them strong most of the time.

Degree of difficulty: medium
Preparation time: 50-60 minutes
Gates: I can't tell

  • 2 cups clean, unsalted, unmelted pork lard (10 full tablespoons). The more lard you put, the tenderer they are. So the lard should be more (in proportion) than the borscht. This is the secret of tenderness. (I forgot to mention)

  • 1 cup fresh borscht (200 ml - or less to make them even younger)
  • 1 cup sugar (I only put half (I don't like very sweet)
  • 4-5 sachets of vanilla sugar
  • yeast like a walnut
  • wheat flour how much it contains (depends on your flour)
  • rum / vanilla essence (2-3) or finely grated lemon / orange peel
  • 1 teaspoon salt - to taste (don't forget, like me)
  • For the filling: a little fried walnut kernel and / or shit, jam, almonds, raisins or whatever you want
  • Dissolve the yeast in lukewarm borscht (NOT hot - if it's hot, the croissants won't grow) where you put the salt.

  • Put the lard, sugar, borscht, essence in a bowl and add flour in the rain, until a non-sticky elastic dough comes out, which does NOT break. About 5-7 minutes. No more softening.
  • Leave it a little cold or not. I never left.

  • Spread a sheet about 3 mm thick. Do not stretch it too thick because they will grow in the oven and become huge. There would be nothing wrong with that if it didn't bake hard. You risk being cruel inside

  • With a wheel. or as that object in the image above is called, divide the sheet into rows (look at the image) and then either make squares or triangles. How it comes in handy (look at the pictures)

  • Bake - simmer (temperature 180-200 degrees) for 10-20 minutes. It depends a lot on the oven and the temperature. I suggest you don't leave the fire to the maximum because they burn quickly above / below, but they remain raw inside. Better leave the fire slow.

  • You try to break one in two, but BE CAREFUL, when they are hot, they look a little raw on the inside. It is absolutely normal, lard has this effect. They are not raw (unless the dough flows). Remove them, immediately put powdered sugar on top. Powdered sugar must be crushed when hot, otherwise it will not stick. Let them cool a bit and yum yum.
  • I would eat about 100 now and when I think about how I twisted my nose at the holidays. What a lazy child! Now we make almost exclusively donuts. and what joy.

I made it with margarine and / or butter. It's not the same thing. Whoever says they are exactly the same is a liar or does not know the taste and consistency of the original. Better to refrain!
One day I read a recipe that had ingredients: 100 g of lard or oil. I was crazy! Brother, the oil is hardening. I can't even imagine what might come out. Lard is not oil. Not nearly. You can try if you want.
Jam jams are commercially available today. I have no idea how they taste but the idea is not bad. Anyway, the jam must be quite thick (the one from the trade is thick but who knows what it has in it): maybe marmalade or cherries / cherries / strawberries from jam. You can also put dried / candied fruits: figs, pineapple, peaches, cranberries. Everything that comes to mind and you have in the house.
Put in the dough and orange peel / grated lemon on a small grater. It will give a delicate and fresh taste covering the taste of lard.

Trigons with mushrooms and bacon

Trigons with mushrooms and bacon & # 8211 a kind of fluffy dough made of leavened dough, with a rich filling of mushrooms, bacon and leeks. This time I cut the trowels in the shape of wheat. Spicy sausages or other smoked sausage can be used instead of bacon.

I think you already know that we have various recipes for pogacele on the blog & # 8211 with jumari, cheese, telemea etc. All are very tasty and we invite you to try them!

From a similar dough I made fluffy wheat with telemea or bellows & # 8211 see here.

I've had a craving for some for a long time wheat fields with mushrooms, but with a lot of filling and today I took a large casserole of mushrooms, even to make this recipe. Classically they make wheat or mushroom jars pastry dough or from pie sheets. This time I did these mushrooms with mushroomsand from leavened dough.

Video: Dutch Pancake Recipe ซบไทยwith Bacon!!! Budget Friendly!! - i Chef Richard - จากฮอลแลนด (January 2022).