Citrus salad with nuts

Citrus salad with nuts

A light, fast and fragrant winter fruit salad.

  • one orange
  • a grapefruit
  • a teaspoon of maple syrup
  • ground walnuts

Servings: 2

Preparation time: less than 15 minutes

RECIPE PREPARATION Citrus salad with nuts:

Peel an orange, grate it and cut it into cubes. Then sprinkle with maple syrup and sprinkle with ground walnuts.

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depending on your preference, you can also add mandarins, clementines, pomelo, lime.

Delicious salad with avocado, shrimp and cucumber

The summer aroma will give a snack made according to this recipe.

  • cucumber - 1 pc
  • avocado (small fruit) - 2 pcs
  • citrus fruit juice - 2 tbsp. it.
  • seafood - 200 g
  • olive oil - 40 ml
  • basil
  • garlic.

Step by step salad preparation:

  1. Wash the seafood, cleanse and remove the intestinal veins.
  2. Fry in butter (leave 2 tablespoons for dressing), with the addition of chopped basil and garlic.
  3. Simply cut the cucumbers lengthwise, remove the seeds with a spoon and form them into strips.
  4. Cut the avocado pulp without the skin and pour into cubes with a knife and pour over the citrus juice.
  5. Mix in a plate with shrimp, add butter and pepper and salt, if desired.

You don't have to wait for the salad to juice and start a meal right away.


The mango fruits are cut in half each, the seeds are removed and the fleshy part of the fruit is hollowed out with a spoon on the skin and then cut into small pieces. Peel a squash, grate it and slice it. The fleshy part of the fruit is sliced.

The watermelon is cut into four, the fleshy part is cut from the peel and then cut into thin slices. The kiwi fruit is cleaned and cut into slices.

Put the raisin fruits in a bowl. Sprinkle with rum, then add honey and half of the lemon juice. Add the walnuts, let them rest for about 2 hours in a cool place.

Beat the cream well with the vanilla bean core and the rest of the lemon juice until it foams. Pour sour cream over the fruit salad and garnish with lemon balm leaves.

Lent 2017: Salad with citrus, almonds and cashews

Tuesday, February 28, is a day of xerophagy. This means that only bread, raw vegetables, dried fruits and berries, honey and nuts and seeds are allowed. The salad we offer you today gives us energy, but also a good portion of vitamins.

1. Wash an orange well and dry it with paper towels. Shave the peel.

2. Peel the oranges and grapefruit with a knife so that the pulp is visible.

3. Cut the orange and grapefruit pulp into slices, removing the membranes and keeping the juice drained. After cutting all the pulp, drain the juice from the fruit.

4. Mix the citrus juice with the vinegar, honey and mustard. Add the grated orange peel, pepper, salt and olive oil.

5. Fry the cashews and almonds in a dry, oil-free pan, shaking, for 2 minutes. Cool slightly and chop them.

6. Mix the lettuce leaves with half the amount of dressing, put in plates. Arrange the fruit pulp on the salad leaves and sprinkle with cashews and almonds. Sprinkle with the rest of the dressing and serve.


This was my dinner last night endive salad with cheese and nuts, a suitable and delicious combination, absolutely to my liking. I used sweet and apple Gorgonzola but you can replace them with Roquefort cheese and pear.

  • 2 large endives
  • 80-100 g Sweet Gorgonzola
  • March 1
  • a handful of walnuts
  • 2-3 tablespoons of olive oil
  • 2 tablespoons lemon juice
  • salt to taste

Method of preparation endive salad with cheese and nuts

Wash, remove the endive stalks, cut them into small pieces and place them in a bowl. Add diced or broken cheese by hand, finely sliced ​​apple and walnut lamb.

Mix the olive oil with the lemon juice, salt and season the salad. Serve with quick croutons, it's delicious. Enjoy!

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Dandelion salad with GRAPEFRUIT and WALNUTS - food for the LIVER

The key ingredient in this delicious salad is dandelions. The leaves and stems of this plant are not only edible, but also very rich in vitamins and minerals.

They contain large amounts of vitamin K, vitamin A, vitamin D., B-complex vitamins (B1, B2, B6, B9), fiber, calcium, iron, potassium, manganese, phosphorus, magnesium, zinc and copper.

Dandelion, Citrus and Walnut Salad

Dandelion is used for therapeutic purposes in various traditional medical systems, especially as a remedy for hepato-biliary disorders. The leaves have diuretic and stimulating properties on appetite, digestion and kidneys.

Botanists recommend dandelion root for detoxification of the liver and gallbladder. Today, dandelion is best known as blood purifier, diuretic and liver tonic.

Many phytotherapists recommend a dandelion cure every spring for cleansing the blood and treating liver disease.

And the other ingredients in this salad support liver function. Grapefruit in particular helps lowering cholesterol and triglycerides.

A study published in the European Journal of Nutrition in 2011 showed that this fruit contains naringenin, a compound that lowers blood lipids and prevents fatty liver disease. Grapefruit juice has also been associated with reduction of body fat and metabolic syndrome & # 8211 Two factors that contribute to fatty liver disease.

Dandelion salad with grapefruit and walnuts - recipe

• 1 bunch of dandelion leaves
• 1 pink grapefruit
• 1 orange
• 2 tablespoons of honey
• ½ lemon
• 1 teaspoon of salt
• ¼ red onion
• 1 handful of walnut kernels

Mix bee honey, freshly squeezed lemon juice and salt in a bowl.

Squeeze the dandelion leaves into bundles and cut off the ends. Wash them well and let them dry a little. Then break them into suitable pieces or cut them on a wooden bottom and place them in a large bowl.

Pour the lemon and honey mixture over them and mix with clean hands. Cover the pot and let the plants sit for about 10 minutes.

Then transfer the dandelion leaves to a flat plate and add the onion cut into strips and citrus slices, peeled (including the bitter skin) and cut into cubes. Add whole or coarsely crushed walnut kernels. Stir and serve.

Precautions and contraindications

If you are allergic to chrysanthemums, marigolds or daisies, you may also be allergic to dandelions.

Consult your doctor before consuming dandelion if you have kidney or bile problems.

Dandelion leaves can interact with some medications:

& # 8211 diuretics
& # 8211 antacids
& # 8211 Anticoagulants and anti-platelets
& # 8211 lithium
& # 8211 ciprofloxacin
& # 8211 diabetes medications
& # 8211 Metabolized liver drugs

At the same time, you should know that grapefruit can interact with a lot of drugs, affecting their absorption. More details in this article.

1. Wednesday, What Are Dandelion Greens Good For? http://foodfacts.mercola.com/dandelion-greens.html

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5. Live Strong, Grapefruit and Fatty Liver: http://www.livestrong.com/article/543520-grapefruit-and-fatty-liver/

* The advice and any health information available on this site are for informational purposes, do not replace the doctor's recommendation. If you suffer from chronic diseases or follow medication, we recommend that you consult your doctor before starting a cure or natural treatment to avoid interaction. By postponing or interrupting classic medical treatments you can endanger your health.

Citrus essence

Did you know that lemon or orange essence can also be made at home? Very light and with a very strong aroma. What's more, you don't have to worry about the expiration date. You can only use some kind of citrus or a mixture.

oranges, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit

Cut the peel from the citrus, be sure to remove as much of the white part as possible.
Put in a jar and cover with vodka.
Close the jar, put it in the pantry and shake it once a day.
After two weeks, remove the shell and replace it with a new one.
It lasts another two weeks, after which you remove the peels and you have the citrus essence.

ingredients Number of
rucola & # 8211 middle phase
peeled shrimp & # 8211 400 g
cherry tomatoes & # 8211 10 pieces.
parmesan & # 8211 50 g
balsamic vinegar, olive oil & # 8211 2 tablespoons. IT.
Cooking time: 20 minutes Calories per 100 grams: 87 Kcal

This dish will delight lovers of clean and healthy food. The roots of the juices, the spicy green, combined with the sweet taste of the tender shrimp, are well prepared with the balsamic vinegar dressing.

The taste complements the parmesan and the dressing based on high quality vegetable oil, balsamic vinegar. It stands out remarkably with arugula, which has an interesting aroma of nuts.

Step by step salad preparation:

  1. If you take frozen shrimp, then they are usually already boiled, it is enough to pour hot water on them, set aside
  2. If you cook them raw, then you need to fry these shelled shrimp with a drop of vegetable oil in just a few minutes.
  3. Wipe the shrimp with a paper towel or napkin
  4. Washed cherries divided into halves
  5. Parmesan cheese rolled on thin plates
  6. Prepare the dressing: combine in equal proportions olive oil, balsamic, mix with a broom until the state of the oil emulsion, salt
  7. We make the salad: first we put the washed greens, spread the shrimp and cherries on top randomly
  8. Sprinkle over dressing, garnish with Parmesan cheese plates.

We invite you to see a video recipe for cooking salad in this version:

With exotic pomelo

A citrus note of exotic pomelo fruit will make the taste of a familiar dish brighter. Fans of non-traditional combinations will appreciate this taste & # 8220nobil & # 8221 ..

The spicy herbs, with their bitter-sweet aroma, give a special charm to the salad. This dish with other greens (iceberg or salad) will sound a little different.

For 3-4 servings, you will need the following products:

  • Shrimp & # 8211 400 gr
  • Arugula band & # 8211 1 pc.
  • Grapefruit & # 8211 4 slices
  • Dzhugas cheese & # 8211 50 gr
  • Fresh cucumbers & # 8211 1 pc.
  • Balsamic vinegar & # 8211 10 ml
  • Olive oil extract & # 8211 3 teaspoons. IT.

You can easily arrange an Italian dinner for the whole family! Don't you think? Then keep the recipe for the delicate pizza dough on kefir. You can cook more options and arrange a pizza fair.

Holidays are coming, and you're not ready for them at all? Don't even come up with more dishes for a holiday? Do not worry! Our site is your assistant! Here you will find a recipe for duck with apples and then many interesting recipes.

Have you tried to cook a real cheesecake in your kitchen? This dessert will conquer you!

  1. For dressing, mix balsamic, olive oil, sea salt, black pepper, preferably freshly ground. Drink a little to make an emulsion
  2. Wash the cucumbers into thin slices (use a vegetable slicer)
  3. Pomelo free of film and peel, disassemble into slices
  4. The shrimp are cooked according to the instructions
  5. Mix arugula, cucumber, shrimp, pour the dressing
  6. Pass on a beautiful bowl, sprinkle with grated yokes.

With avocado and nuts

The taste of this salad is obtained richly creamy due to the content of avocado in it. In addition, it is covered with pine nuts on top. If you are counting calories, keep this in mind.

In this recipe, you can easily use any other greens & # 8211 corn, roman, iceberg, salad, in general, this is your choice ..


  • Arugula & # 8211 a generous pile
  • Avocado & # 8211 1 pc.
  • Shrimp & # 8211 400 gr
  • Red cherries & # 8211 4 pcs
  • Pine nuts & # 8211 25 gr
  • Parmesan & # 8211 50 gr
  • Half a lemon juice
  • Olive oil & # 8211 3 tbsp. it.
  • Salt, pepper & # 8211 to taste.
  1. The arugula is washed, dried
  2. Cut the avocado, remove the bone, choose the core with a spoon, then cut into small cubes
  3. Boiled shrimp, shell, cold
  4. Wash the tomatoes cut in half
  5. Pour the juice of half a lemon, mix with a fork with vegetable oil, salt, pepper
  6. Prepare plates for serving, put arugula, boiled shrimp on top, avocado cubes
  7. Decorate with cherry slices, sprinkle with lemon zest
  8. Sprinkle with pine nuts on top.

With mozzarella cheese

The recipe describes the traditional combination for salads. The balls of the most delicate mozzarella will pleasantly diversify the taste known for a long time.

This cottage cheese is successfully combined with tomatoes, basil. If not the season, you can use options such as salad, iceberg or even spinach in arbitrary proportions.

  • Standard arugula band
  • Red cherries & # 8211 400 gr
  • Cheese Mozzarella & # 8211 100 gr
  • Shrimp & # 8211 400 gr
  • Soy sauce & # 8211 2 tbsp. it.
  • Olive oil & # 8211 2 tbsp. it.
  • Pepper Mix & # 8211 to taste.
  1. The arugula is washed, dried in a vegetable dryer
  2. Shrimp are cooked according to type, boiled water is simply poured, and raw & # 8211 boiled according to instructions, cleaned
  3. Mozzarella comes out of the brine if the balls are small in diameter & # 8211 left whole, large & # 8211 cut into slices
  4. Soy sauce mixed with butter
  5. Tomatoes cut in half
  6. Assembly: put shrimp on an arugula pillow, mozzarella balls on top, decorate the salad with half a cherry on each side, pour the soy cake
  7. On top of a mill from a mixture of hot peppers.

Served with basil leaves.

Another slightly modified mozzarella cooking recipe:

Warm arugula salad, shrimp and shampoos

The hot salad should be served immediately after cooking. Keep this in mind when planning your reception.

The way turns out to be quite satisfactory. The role of the component fed in it is performed by champion mushrooms, rich in protein.

But pine nuts boldly replace any other class. Pistachios or curds are good.

  • Arugula & # 8211 80 gr
  • Sampinione & # 8211 400 gr
  • Mushroom steak oil & # 8211 2 tbsp. it.
  • Shrimp & # 8211 200 gr
  • Tomato & # 8211 1 pc.
  • Parmesan & # 8211 50 gr
  • Half a lemon
  • Salt pepper.

  1. Prepare the shrimp & boil them, clean them
  2. The arugula is washed, dried
  3. Mushrooms are washed carefully, cleaned, cut into plates
  4. Prepare the lemon juice filling, do not use butter, as the mushrooms will be ripe
  5. My tomato, peel the seeds and excess juice, cut into cubes
  6. Put the mushrooms on a preheated pan, fry until golden brown, stirring, do not add salt! Otherwise, the mushrooms will turn on the juice and the red crust will not
  7. Assemble quickly: put a layer of fried mushrooms on heated plates, on the wings above, interspersed with boiled shrimp, then tomato cubes, garnished with parmesan.

Serve immediately at the table and enjoy!

With apples always sweet and sour

If it's hard to surprise yourself with gastronomic delights, try this salad.

Arugula has an interesting bitter taste and a slight nutty aroma. It is the perfect shade of vegetables, fruit salad components.

Therefore, spicy greens in combination with apples and sweet and sour cheese & # 8211 a worthy option for a gourmet. The salad is especially good for dry white wine.

We will need:

  • Pack of rolls & # 8211 75 g
  • Granny Smith apple variety & # 8211 1 pc.
  • Tiger shrimp & # 8211 200 gr
  • Parmesan & # 8211 50 gr
  • Balsamic vinegar & # 8211 2 teaspoons. it.
  • Red cherries & # 8211 2 pcs
  1. Usually, arugula, sold in a package, is ready to use. Open the package, place the required number
  2. I wash my apple, correct it with a special device, cut it into thin slices
  3. Pour the tiger shrimp with boiling water, cook for a few minutes after boiling, drain, cool, sew
  4. Put 2-3 shrimp on a plate, on top of shrimp place arugula, apple slices, halves of tomatoes
  5. Sprinkle with balsamic vinegar, sprinkle with freshly ground pepper, garnish with a plate of Parmesan cheese.

The delicious salad is ready, invite guests to dinner!

Green salads are extremely popular with fans of a healthy lifestyle and clean foods. In arugula only 25 kcal / 100 g, it feeds well due to the large amount of fiber.

The secret is in the real refueling. If you can't find balsamic vinegar, you can replace it with a more affordable filling made from any vegetable oil, regular vinegar and mustard.

While you are considering what recipe to make from the above, we decided to offer you another interesting way to make this salad.

Citrus Weight Loss Diet & # 8211 A Fast Diet That Helps You Lose Up to 5 Pounds in 7 Days

The citrus slimming cure is a short slimming cure, which does not last more than 7 days and is intended for those who want to lose weight quickly, even four to five kilograms.

If you are a person with a lot of ambition who has decided to give up fast food and pastries for at least seven days as long as the program of this diet with citrus (because you are not allowed to eat even a pate or a portion of french fries), then the program of this diet will suit you perfectly.

The advantages of this citrus slimming cure are the following:

& # 8211 a much stronger immunity with the help of the amount of vitamin C.

& # 8211 a loss of up to five pounds in just 7 days

& # 8211 skin and hair will look brighter and brighter

& # 8211 an increase in the number of white blood cells

The disadvantages of these citrus diets are:

& # 8211 you will not get rid of the feeling of hunger during such a diet

A lack of concentration can occur at work

& # 8211 with this slimming cure you lose weight fast, but it is not indicated to prolong it too long, after a week

We present below the daily menus:

Day 1: On the first day you can eat four servings of citrus throughout the day (two oranges, two grapefruit, a small lemon slightly sweetened with 1 teaspoon of honey and four tangerines), you can serve two servings of oriental salad (prepared from two small boiled potatoes , a hard boiled egg, three olives, onions, a pickled cucumber and very little olive oil).

Day 2: eat five servings of citrus throughout the day (dous grapefruit, a clementine, a small lemon sweetened with a single teaspoon of honey and four oranges) and two tablespoons of oatmeal and an apple.

Day 3: During this diet: eat three servings of citrus (four oranges, five tangerines, a grapefruit) and as a supplement a salad of tomatoes and eggplant and a few sprigs of green onions two crumbs of rye flour.

Day 4: four servings of citrus (three oranges, a small lemon sweetened with a single spoonful of honey, two tangerines) and 100 grams of seasoned boiled fish and a pomegranate.

Day 5: during this diet: serve five servings of citrus (two grapefruits, after mandarins, two clementines, two oranges, a small lemon, and this sweetened with a teaspoon of honey) + after light yogurts and a serving of green peas or of lentils.

Day 6: eat three servings of citrus (four oranges, one red grapefruit, two sweet mandarins) and one serving of grilled mushrooms with some garlic and 100 grams of nuts

Day 7: last during this diet: two servings of citrus (three oranges, a small lemon sweetened with 1 teaspoon of honey) 100 grams of grilled chicken, lettuce with two tomatoes and two tablespoons of rye flakes.

Valerianella or valerian?

About valerianella (Valerianella locusta) & # 8211 is NOT the same as valerian (Valeriana officinalis) & # 8211. Which is a medicinal plant & # 8211 see here. Valerian extract is used to treat insomnia, angina or depression.

Valerianella is a field lettuce (Feldsalat in German lb., Cornsalad, Lamb & # 8217s Salad in English lb. or mâche in French lb.). Unfortunately, not even the producers make a difference and inscribe the lettuce packaging with & # 8222Valeriana & # 8221.

dressing This salad is a creamy, sweet and sour, which can be used for other types of salads: iceberg, garden salad, spinach, endive, radicchio or arugula. You can make a mix of all this to season with this tasty dressing.

Cheese recommended for this salad with oranges is one with noble blue mold: Roquefort, Danish Blue, Stilton, gorgonzola or similar. In general, these cheeses are very salty and have a strong taste and aroma, they perfectly balance the sweet-sour hue of orange, honey and mustard. You can also try goat cheese but this is more bland.

For the crunchy effect, I threw a handful of lightly fried walnut kernels into the salad. A story came out on the plate!

I joined this salad with some pork chops with creamy blue cheese sauce & # 8211 see the recipe here.

From the ingredients below we obtained 2 servings of valerianella salad with oranges, blue cheese and walnuts.