Orchid Salad with Chips and Korean Carrot

Orchid Salad with Chips and Korean Carrot


  1. Korean carrot 80 g
  2. Smoked ham or sausage or chicken breast 150 gr
  3. Boiled eggs 2 pcs.
  4. Hard cheese 80 g.
  5. Pickled cucumbers 80 g (2-3 pcs.)
  6. Potato chips 50 g
  7. Mayonnaise 70-80 g to taste
  • Main Ingredients: Ham, Sausage and Sausage, Potato, Chicken, Eggs, Cheese
  • Portion4-5


We chop the carrots in Korean a little with a knife. We cut the cucumbers and eggs into small cubes. We chop the chicken breasts, sausage or ham. The cheese is grated. 5 chips put aside, chop the rest. We collect the salad in layers. Lubricate almost every layer with a thin layer of mayonnaise. 1 st words - carrots, mayonnaise.
2nd layer - cucumber. 3rd layer - chips. 4th layer - chicken breast, mayonnaise.
5th layer - cheese, mayonnaise; 6th layer - eggs, mayonnaise.
When serving, decorate the salad. From chips, we form a flower. We also decorate with parsley or other greens. Bon appetit!